Interested in hosting the 2019 or 2020 OpenMRS Implementers' conference? [Events] (6)

Applications for host country are now open. To help countries with advance planning, this year we are looking for two countries, one which will host the 2019 Implementers’conference and the other will host the 2020 Imple…

Time to Nominate March's Volunteer of the Month! [Community] (6)

As 2019 enters its third month, we are now seeking your nomination for our MARCH Volunteer of the Month! Below you’ll find a link to a Google Form that you can fill out and explain why you are nominating that individual…

We Want You: New volunteer leadership roles available! [Job Board] (7)

On behalf of the newly-forming OpenMRS Leadership Team, I'm pleased to help announce these exciting new opportunities for our volunteers to help us lead the OpenMRS community toward a new era of growth. Please review th…

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