Developing in docker


“Hello everyone, I’m looking to integrate the Nepali calendar into OpenMRS O3. I’ve set up everything in Docker, but I’m unsure how to modify the default OpenMRS frontend image and incorporate my custom code. Can anyone guide me through this process?” cc @angshuonline

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Greetings @santosh! Thanks for your patience here. @ibacher or @jayasanka might you have any guidance for Santosh?

In the meantime Santosh have you already looked at the guidance in the O3 for Developers course on the openmrs academy? Intro to OpenMRS 3: For Developers and Technical Teams –

For development, if you’re running things locally, you can just run yarn start with the --backend argument pointing to your local instance. Once your work is done, it can likely be submitted as a PR to the community resources. On calendars specifically, see this PR: (feat) O3-1991: Implement an OpenMRS Date Picker by ibacher · Pull Request #1041 · openmrs/openmrs-esm-core · GitHub, which. should support the Nepali calendar, once it’s merged.

Note that replacing the calendar across the app will require a large number of changes to a large number of places.