Peer support for people installing, configuring, and using OpenMRS. Share your knowledge & questions with others! Not for software development related topics, but for admins and end users configuring and using OpenMRS.

Ask OpenMRS

Ask OpenMRS is our community software support site where anyone can ask questions about installing, configuring, or using OpenMRS software; and get answers from others. View unanswered questions or sign in with your OpenMRS ID to start asking and answering!


The OpenMRS community makes many different software products. Whether it's our base Platform, our OpenMRS 2.x reference application, or our add-on module ecosystem, discuss your questions, problems, and ideas for our software products here.


Helping new people learn the work of the OpenMRS community, and connecting current participants with new opportunities. Mentoring & internship opportunities, and general efforts to make our community more accessible and enjoyable for everyone involved!


Topics related to hacking on OpenMRS. From configuring development environments, coding conventions, new technologies, and more, this is the place. Use other categories for discussions about specific software, modules, etc.


"Projects" within the OpenMRS community may be development of additional applications used by the community, documentation efforts, or simply initiatives of people to organize information or knowledge.


Discussion about OpenMRS Talk, its organization, features, how it works, and how we can improve it.


As the OpenMRS community grows, it is important to offer opportunities for contributors & customers to connect with people in their part of the world. We also need a more coordinated effort to build local representation and expertise. One approach for achieving these goals is to develop local communities.