GSoC 2024: Contributor Blogs

:loudspeaker: Attention all GSoC contributors! :star2:

As you may already know, GSoC contributors will be required to post (at least) one blog entry a week during the period of the GSoC program. :memo: During the community bonding period, you’re expected to write one blog post (or more if you have plenty of content to share).

If you haven’t set up a personal blog yet, now’s the time to do so! You can choose from popular platforms like Medium,, Hashnode, Blogger, or even host your own blog.

If you’ve already published your blog post for the community bonding period, Simply share the link in this thread so we can all check it out. If you haven’t had the chance yet, don’t worry. Once your post is live, make sure to come back here and reply with the link. Let’s keep the momentum going and continue the conversation!

Also, Don’t miss out on using the hashtags #openmrs and #gsoc2024 to make sure your post reaches the wider OpenMRS and GSoC communities. Feel free to share your posts on social media too – let’s amplify our impact together! :rocket::sparkles:

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Project: Validation Rule Builder for the form builder

Mentors: @dennis , @hadijah315

First Blog on Community Bonding Experience:

Second Blog on Community Bonding Experience:

Third Blog on Community Bonding Experience:


Project: validation and rewriting patient flag module

Mentors : @dkayiwa @wikumc

Week 01 blog

week 02 blog

week 03 blog


Project: O3 User Onboarding

Mentors : @piumal1999 @jayasanka

Week 01 blog

Week 02 blog

Wrapping up of community bonding period

openmrs gsoc2024


Project: Building an Offline-Capable Android Application for LMICs Integrated with Enhanced OpenMRS 3.0

Mentors: Frédéric Deniger, Jose Francisco


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Project: Integrating CFL’s Messages Module into O3

Mentors: @druchniewicz @pwargulak


week o1

Wrapping up of community bonding period

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Project: Integrating CFL’s SMS Module into O3

Mentors: @druchniewicz @pwargulak



Week-1 Blog of Coding Period

Week -2 Blog of Coding Period

Week 03 Blog of Coding Period

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Hi All, Here’s my blog post on coding week 01.


Hi, here is my week 04 blog post,


hello , here is week 01 blog

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Checkout my week 1 blog

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Hi, here is my blog for Week 2

Here is the week 02 blog

Hey everyone,

Thanks for sharing your journeys with us! Please note that it’s crucial to submit your weekly blogs by Sunday each week. You’re welcome to post earlier if you can. Missing the deadline might affect your upcoming evaluations.

The following people still need to post their Week 2 (June 3rd - 9th) blogs:

@parthfloyd, you also need to submit your Week 1 blog. Please get all the missing by the end of the day.

Shoutout to @senthilathiban, @vijaykv, and @manojll for your timely submissions! Great job! :clap:


@parthfloyd, my bad! I didn’t notice you had edited your previous reply. From now on, please post new blogs as a separate reply. Thanks!

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Checkout my week 2 blog

week 02 blog post

Thank you! No worries, I’ll update and post as seperate replies! Do let me know if you’ve any feedbacks for the blogs!

Week 1 blog: