My OpenMRS Fellowship Journey: Daud

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                  Write Code! Save Lives!

I am Daud Kakumirizi from Uganda. After volunteering on OpenMRS projects for three years, I decided to contribute to this amazing community as a fellow.This being my first work as a fellow, I am both curious and excited with the program. I will be working on Quality Assurance as a QA Engineer and by the end of the fellowship, I desire to get more technical skills and expertise in QA tools that ensure quality in software development.

Getting into the QA technical work, I set up the dev environment already and took time to learn the workflow of the code. Joining the weekly squad meeting calls got me understand the work within the squad and also getting familiar with the squad members. The welcome that @grace made during my first meeting made me feel that I was already part of the squad.

My first call with my mentor @k.joseph was awesome! I discussed with him my fellowship plan and he gave me more ideas on how I can achieve more goals in addition to the one I had set for the program. As well, we discussed my progress and he assured me of his presence to contact him whenever I get any issue.

   ShowCase Experience:

“Who is willing to work on the QA showcase that will be presented in the Spring OpenMRS Community Meeting ?” was a question raised by @christine during one of the squad meeting and without delay I took up this task straight away. Though working on the blog made me sleep almost at 3 am But it was worth the time. Working on this demo gave me a great opportunity to get knowing Cucumber which is a software automation tool that supports Behavior-Driven Development. Learning how tests are automated with selenium and cypress was a thrilling experience compared to the manual testing

Throughout my fellowship journey, I will be updating this blog in respect to the work that I will be working on during the program.


Awesome!! Great to have you in the team Daud.

       First Fellowship Month(April):
  • Integrating with the QA squad members
  • Attending QA and PM calls
  • Having calls with my mentor @k.joseph
  • Learning QA Tools and frameworks like cucumber which is a behavior-driven development (BDD) tool that can be used in test automation
  • Understanding the QA Workflow.
  • Working on tickets, helping new contributors , and making reviews on PRs for QA related tasks.

    Looking forward for May to be more productive and fruitful