On the loss of our esteemed community member, mentor, and good friend, Joseph Kaweesi

This is a tragic loss, Kaweesi has been a great person and full of joy all the time, he will be deeply missed.

My parents actually met him several times and they are saddened by the bad news of his death.

May the soul of our dear friend rest in eternal peace.


Very much @ball


Such a tragic loss for everyone and my heart goes out especially to his family. We all loved him and in every picture you see the warmth of his smile and the joy in his eyes. He truly was a positive light in this world and we will be a little darker without him. Thank you for your words Paul and everyone and I hope there will be more details about how we can remember him and his family.


He was an inspiration to me. My heart is broken


It’s shocking and hard to believe. Such a tragic loss! Kaweesi, you will be deeply missed. My eyes are filled with your beautiful smiling face.

My heart goes especially to his family, may God give them enough strength.


This seems unreal and very hard to comprehend :broken_heart:!

Words cannot describe the void that his death has left behind. He has been my mentor in my fellowship journey and now some things do not make sense, and death just seems so final.

I will miss my friend, mentor, guide and a coach deeply :broken_heart:. Hoping to see Kaweesi Joseph when Jesus Christ shall return to take us home where there is no death, pain, and grief But Ever Joy and Peace


It’s so heartbreaking to accept the reality that thee, kaweesi Joseph has passed on…

He was one source of motion to many of us, me inclusive. He was a living testimony, indeed.

May the good Lord strengthen thee, his family, siblings and the community.

With great hope to see u again, Joshua.


I’m very saddened to hear about the tragic loss! May he rest in peace and May the Lord Almighty strengthen his family and the community.


Selfless committment , a loving heart and a helping hand we have lost . May God comfort the family and the whole community


One we looked up to. Big loss! You have left a big void in our hearts! Rest well brethren


Selfless committment ,wonderful smile and a helping hand Rest well mentor


Having met him in 2012, I knew @k.joseph on a personal level, very supportive in all aspects of life. I respect his contributions to the community and as one of the people whose lives he impacted, I will forever remain grateful.


Joseph has been a very special young man. Only God knows why we have lost him this soon. Such a hardworking young man. His mouth was full of wisdom. I am short of words.


Very heartbreaking news.


It’s a pity. @k.joseph has left a great gap not only to the community, but also to many of us individually. We indeed had an immeasurable hope of learning a lot from him as many folks have testified. He has been both faithful not only to the community , but also to His God. We therefore believe he has rested in Christ. And we as believers, we hope to see him on the resurrection day. May the almighty God give divine comfort to his family and the community at large.


Its a great loss for us at Bugema University especially the School of Computing & Informatics from where he graduated 2015. I personally remember the time when he started the journey of being in this community. Under my Supervision his HoD, He worked on a project titled “EVOLVING CHART SEARCH MODULE FOR THE OPENMRS REFERENCE APPLICATION” . Paul, Darius and Burke, where the first people to comment and encourage him to go on with the great works!! I have been encouraging our software engineers to work on projects on OpenMRS under GoSC with @k.joseph as their immediate consultant. Its a greet loss Indeed. Paul, Darius and Burke thank you for the support you have given @k.joseph since 2014! I will also thank thoughtworks for the same!!


It is so heart breaking, sometimes I imagine it is a dream that will change when I wake up! @k.joseph has left a big dent in our lives. He’s been a mentor, friend and brother. May God comfort all of us and the family. We have this unfailing hope that we shall see Jose on that resurrection morning when Christ shall return to take us home.


For For those who have sometime to join

The proceedings at the burial of Mr Joseph kaweesi


So sorry for this loss. may God comfort everyone close, the family, wife and children. One survives COVID-19 and dies of accident. So bad and unbelievable. God knows why it happened at such a time like this. The resurrection day why bring our loved ones to us again. Be comforted all friends and communities affected.


@k.joseph has been a great inspiration to most of us(Kampala boys). We can’t complain too much… God has his reasons as to why…

Rest easy Soldier!..