Thank You for Making our 2020-2021 OpenMRS Fellowships A Success!

Please join me in congratulating @mozzy and @gcliff on completing their OpenMRS Development Fellowship projects, with a concentration in FHIR and analytics. Last September, they threw their names (and CVs) into the Fellowship hat along with 23 other applicants. By October, they had fully jumped into the Patient Level Indicator Reporting Project.

As a result of their hard work, both of them advanced to their next OpenMRS Dev Stages, /dev/4 and /dev/3 respectively.

Use the links below to catch up on their fellowship journeys and view their final project presentation.

I would also like to congratulate @suruchi for her incredible progress with her OpenMRS Product Management Fellowship. If you missed her Lightning Talk on Product Management during our July “Mini” Community Meeting, check out her YouTube video! We’re pleased to have her continue her fellowship with the Dictionary Manager Squad, now expanded to include a development focus.

A special shout out to @grace @k.joseph @mozzy for serving as mentors to these shining stars! Mentorship is the beating heart of our fellowship program and our success thus far is thanks to your commitment to growing our community’s talent.


Thank you so much @jennifer and @grace, for providing me the opportunity to get involved in the community and I feel blessed to contribute here. Big thanks to all community members, dictionary manager squad, and mentors for making my journey awesome :boom: :boom:. I am determined to contribute more and take Dictionary Manager to next level :muscle: :muscle:.