2021-06-11: Interesting dev webinar on how DHIS2 is using cucumber + cypress

Hey @k.joseph @jayasanka @hadijah315 @suruchi @kdaud @jwnasambu @sharif @jwnasambu,

The DHIS2 community is having a dev meetup this Friday on how they use cypress/cucumber in DHIS2. I thought some of you might be interested in attending to see how different their approach is to ours, and whether our OMRS community might be able to learn something from their approach.

Hi everyone! Join us this Friday June 11 @ 13:30 CEST for our next developer meetup! Topic : We’ll be giving an overview on how to use cypress/cucumber and our DHIS2 utilities and commands to test your applications! :confetti_ball:

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Here’s the Zoom Link

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@grace Thanks so so much! I will gladly attend. Hope its 14:00pm EAT!

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This is a good deal. Thanks @grace

13:30 CEST == 14:30 EAT (2:30PM)


Thanks @grace for updates we’ll surely attend

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Thanks @grace !

cc @gracebish @irenyak1, @nkumar, @isamanya, @kimote, @settix , @insookwa and @west.


thank you for this …

Just incase you are unable to attend these are the guides we are following https://cli-utils-cypress.dhis2.nu/#/getting-started and Gherkin Reference - Cucumber Documentation. though its practical.

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So Rich!
Once again thanks @grace for looking out for this. When you land on another of its kind which I know soon you will, with humility add my name on the list.


Do you have the conference registration link?

Hi All, So what did folks learn from this webinar? Anything very different about how DHIS2 is using cucumber + cypress? Anything similar? Anything you think we can learn from them / do differently?

Juliet are you looking for this? Annual Conference | DHIS2

Yes @grace! its sad looking on the program they don’t have a presentation on QA. Anyway, I enjoyed there practical session.

Personally I strongly I agree with the title you embedded to the post, it was an interesting live session on Test Automation. I mentioned out learning areas in respect to our community

The session did not cover DHIS2 integration with cucmber+cypress, however it was an intro to how cypress can be integrated in Test Automation. Deborah the session coordinator mentioned of the forth coming conference which I guess may include the referred caption of DHIS2.

Having live (practical) sessions within our Squad calls could be a good idea as it may help those new squad members to get them started with the technical work, and also learning from each other as technical squad members. Have seen @mksd with other colleagues having this approach in MF-Squad where they do Live Sessions and silently has increased their technical team. Though it may not be applicable on weekly basis in squad calls due to arrays of activities to handle within the (60min=1hr) call , but at least once in a month .@k.joseph @christine it may be a good idea to starting thinking in this direction as QA Squad as well.