GSoC 2018 - Program and Project Outcomes

Google Sumer of Code 2018 has come to an end, and it’s been an exciting, busy and rewarding time, with some great outcomes from the students and mentors who worked tirelessly during the three month coding period.

A big thank you to all the students and mentors that participated in GSoC 2018! Your time, efforts and contributions have gone a long way towards strengthening OpenMRS and the impact it has on the ground, as well as growing the global community’s footprint and capacity for effecting positive change. We hope to see GSoC students take the opportunity to continue contributing their talents and engaging with the OpenMRS community, and consider joining us again for GSoC 2019 to mentor the next round of students.

OpenMRS has participated in GSoC since 2007, and this year saw an array of exciting projects being worked on by some impressive student talent spread across three continents. This included improvements to the OpenMRS platform, development of new OpenMRS modules and enhancements to existing modules, as well as contributions to mobile apps and OpenMRS distributions. Of the twelve students that were accepted to the program, ten successfully completed and passed the final evaluation. The full set of project results can be viewed on the GSoC site, and you can find out more about the program and projects on the OpenMRS wiki.

Students were asked to submit final project presentations on OpenMRS Talk, which includes links to the project wiki page, code repositories and other relevant resources, as well as project descriptions, demos and outcomes:

On behalf of the OpenMRS Community, thank you all!

Daniel Futerman, OpenMRS GSoC Admin.


Please also note that there is a Google Summer of Code 2018 - After Action Review design forum on later today from 4-5 pm UTC. This is an open forum to share experiences and learnings from the program, and all GSoC 2018 students and mentors are invited to attend, as well as anyone interested in administrating GSoC (or other OpenMRS internship programs) in future:


Thanks a lot @danfuterman for administrating GSoC this year and great thanks to the Community :heart:

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Hi all,

Thanks to everyone and the community for giving me the opportunity to have been part of this years GSoC with openmrs. AS rightly said by the program admin @danfuterman it was an exciting 3 months i really improved and learnt alot, not only that my way of thinking also greately improved as i always got criticism and better way of doing things i would have other wise done not very optimal. This was all do to the effort of @wyclif and @burke. Am greateful for your help and i hope to continue working with and learn more from everyone. I also felt verymuch at ease knowing the active community is there to help unblock my blocker, promptly.

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Thank you so much @danfuterman for having volunteered to administer the OpenMRS GSoC 2018 program! You have done it so well that i some times ask myself whether you have never done this before. :smile:


Thank you @danfuterman and Thanks to the whole OpenMRS community! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thank you @danfuterman for administering #community:gsoc 2018.

Thank You @danfuterman for providing guidance throughout the project period and for being a really helpful mentor :slight_smile:

Thank you @danfuterman for leading GSoC 2018, you did a great job! And thanks to the students for the great work they have done this summer.

Thank you @danfuterman for administering and helping us to complete the projects successfully #community:gsoc 2018.