FHIR Swagger Codegen Integration and Strategic Improvements - Final Presentation

Project : FHIR Swagger Codegen Integration and Strategic Improvements

Project Wiki : https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/OpenMRS+FHIR+Module

Mentor :- @harsha89

Backup Mentor : @mavrk

Source Code Repository

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to expand the capabilities and functions of the OpenMRS FHIR module. OpenMRS has recently undertaken a commitment to implement FHIR in order to ensure better interoperability between healthcare systems. The OpenMRS FHIR module was developed as part of these efforts. FHIR specification is continuously subjecting to several development iterations which improves the usability. Swagger also becoming more popular these days. Swagger provides client side library generation functionality which allows users to quickly build the clients for many languages.


  • Upgrading HAPI FHIR Library to it’s updated version
  • Upgrading DSTU2 resources to DSTU3
  • Swagger document generation improvements after library upgrade
  • Integrate the swagger codegen library which allow users to generate client with selected languages
  • Research on new FHIR resources which can support for OpenMRS
  • Improve the test coverage

GSoC 2018 Contributions

  1. Upgrade HAPI FHIR Library version
  1. Add Swagger SDK generation backend implementation
  1. Add Swagger SDK generation frontend implementation
  1. Add all language support and tests
  1. Add security definition section to swagger definition

New Documentations


Midterm Presentation

Pending Works

Most of the target objectives are achieved as planned in the GSoC. Improving the test coverage is one of area that can further enhance.


GSoC 2018 is my first contribution to an open source software. I gain massive experience and it is really an amazing. I got to know about how open source community build a open source project and the open source culture. In these past few months I have improved myself in programming skills, communication skills ans several other skills. I would like to thank my mentor Harsha Kumara and backup mentor Sanatt Abrol for their guidance and support. I would like to thank OpenMRS community for accepting me and helping me. Finally for Google for organizing the GSoC.


Thanks for a great final presentation and report @eunice18.