GSoC 2018 - Attachments Module Enchancements - Final Presentation

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Attachments Module Enhancements

Final Report

  • Primary mentor : @mksd ( Dimitri R)

  • Backup mentor : Muhammad Ahmed Memon ( @ahmed14) , chine zoheir (@zouchine)

  • Student: Ridmal Madushanka (@ridmal)

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Introduction and Objectives

OpenMRS is an open source software platform which provides facilities to design of a customized medical system with no programming knowledge. Attachments module in the Open MRS enables the view and manages file attachments functionalities in the openMRS. Basically user ( with privileges ) can upload , view and delete the attachments for particulate Patient. Attachments both integrates on the Clinician Facing Patient Dashboard and on the Visits & Encounters Patient Dashboard.So main objective of this program is that,

  1. Attachments to become 100% RestFull.

    Issues IDs : ATT-24 , ATT-27

  • Implement Attachment Service( Fetch the Attachments based on the given parameters )

  • Develop test cases for each method in the Attachment Service ( Java API )

  • REST end point for file upload should allow to specify encounter

  • Implement Serach method in Attachment Resource.

  • Develop Context-independent Test methods ( Mock tests ) for Test the Attachment Resource Search method.

  1. Segregate Attachment UI to Open Web APP ( research part ).

Mid term presentation


  1. Implementation of the Attachment Service with test classes.

    Fetch the Attachments based on the Patient , Encounter , Visit and Fetch encounter less attachment for given patient.

  1. Implementation for upload the Attachments based on the specific encounter with the test methods.
  1. Implementation of the Search method in the AttachmentsResource with context independent test classes ( mockup tests )

Weekly updates ( Blogs )

Experience of GSOC with OpenMRS.

Actually this is my first time with GSOC and it was really awesome experience to me. Able to work with top level developers and gain more knowledge with the help of them. The most amazing thing in the GSOC program is that we can get more things we didn’t expected. For example Attachment module is used test driven development for its implementations and because of that i am able to learn and practice test driven development strategies first time.

And i loved every moment i worked in this GSOC program. Most specially i would like to thanks @mksd who help me a lot in this time period. He gave me lot of knowledge , motivate me , Kind to me and always correct my mistakes. He work with very patient and he always allow me to talk anytime to him even he is vey busy with other works.I am very glad to meet him in this GSOC program. Also i would like to thank all the others including my backup mentors who helped me in this time period. ( @ahmed14 , @zouchine , @danfuterman ) and I wish to continue my work with this awesome Organization and “ Write code to Save lives”. :slight_smile:

And in the OpenMRS all are very helpful and ready to give any help in any time. So it is very easy to talk with issues and solve problems with them. So I am very happy to contribute to the OpenMRS and be a member in this awesome team.

Thanks You ,

Regards ,

Ridmal Madushanka. :slight_smile: