GSoC 2018 - Password Reset Via Email Project - Final Presentation

Greetings Everyone.

Primary Mentor: Wyclif Luyima, @wyclif

Backup Mentor: Burke Mamlin, @burke

Student: Harisu Fanyui, @harisu

Project Wiki:


  1. Incorporate JSR 919 mail capability into the OpenMRS Platform

  2. Add the ability for an administrator to configure the mail functionality via the REST API

  3. Add to the users table within the Platform along with the ability to set and retrieve a user’s email address via the REST API

  4. Add the ability for a temporary token to be generated for a user that, until it expires, can be used to reset their password. This should be able to be triggered by the user or an admin via the REST API.

  5. Add support for an email template to be used for password reset messages (should support localization).

  6. Add support for a REST API method that, given a valid username and reset token along with a new password, will reset the user’s password.



pull request:

Rest webservice:


Other resources

Talk post project design: GSoC 2018 - Reset Password via Email Project

mid-term evaluation. Password Reset Via email Project -gsoc midterm presentation

Blog for project progress :

Related work to be done.

Create a page for the reference app for requesting a password reset Update the reference app pages that are used for resetting password and the controllers to display a different form when there is an activation key present in the request parameter.

Update the legacy ui such that when creating a user we have the possibility of adding an email field. as well as not showing the old password field when there is an activation key present in the request for reseting a password. Allow for the email being sent with activation key to be localized.


Doing GSoC 2018 in OpenMRS is my first time and one of my most memorable time in my life as i pursue my software engineering career. I most say A big thank you to openmrs for the opportunity she gave me to be part of their community by doing gsoc. I always taught i know how to code but working with the OpenMRS community and with the guidance of Wyclif Luyima and Burke Mamlin i was made to understand that it not all about code but the quality and maintainability of the code that matters. That i most capitalize if there is one think am grateful about is knowing how to write quality code that should be maintained by others. I will also say thank you to my mentors for always being there to review and merge my pull requests for i am quite sure they at one point became annoyed with my careless mistakes. Not forgetting the interactive community on irc that was always there for any blockers during the summer. I also enjoyed the aspect of weekly blog post and midterm evaluation by making a demo on how far progress has been done on the project. as this makes sure one is on track in his way with the project. Hoping to put into practice most of the attributes learnt and even learn more from the community even after the summer.

Thank You OpenMRS.


Thanks for a great final presentation and report @harisu. Could you update the project wiki page to describe the status of the project and add in any useful links?