GSoC 2018 - Patient Clinical Summary Enhancement - Final Presentation

GSoC 2018 — Patient Clinical Summary Enhancement

Primary mentor : @sthaiya

Backup mentor : @mwere

Student : @madushan

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The Patient Clinical Summary generates a summary that is being displayed on the patient dashboard which is helpful for the clinicians to make clinical decisions without going through numerous encounters/observations. It would also be helpful for clinicians access these reports off-line specially when they visit patients in rural areas.


  • Generating Patient clinical summaries using SQL data set definitions.
  • Creating scheduled tasks to generate patient clinical reports.
  • Creating user interface to create report configurations.
  • Creating back-end infrastructure to implement functionality.
  • Creating endpoints to consume reports from Muzima Android App.
  • Modifying Muzima Android app to display reports to the user.

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Mid-Term Evaluation

Thoughts on GSoC:

It has been a wonderful experience for me for the last 12 weeks to work with OpenMRS and GSoC community. I gained lots of valuable technical knowledge. It was a real pleasure working with the likes of my mentor whom had a lot to offer me :laughing:.

Though GSoC is coming to an end, my contributions to the open source community starts from this year and I hope to continue it for a long time to come :sweat_smile:!


Thanks for posting your final presentation @madushan, can you add links to the repositories listed in the Contributions section (there only seems to be a link to, and try make it clear which contributions you made as part of the GSoC project. It also seems like some of the links in the Resources section are missing.

@danfuterman sorry for the inconvinience, I have modified the post. Thanks a lot.

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