Issues and Observations with Forms 2.0

Context: We are configuring observation forms for our implementation using Forms 2.0. The attached document is the list of issues/observations that we encountered during configuration. We wanted the community to be aware about all of them and also suggest if they feel any/all of these should be fixed and the ways in which they can be fixed.

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Forms 1.0 vs 2.0 Issues and Observations - Sheet1.pdf (569.5 KB)

It might be better to discuss each of the issues separately. Also, had a quick look at the pdf - please do not compare Forms 1 to Forms 2 just like that. It does not make sense sometimes. Note that Forms 2, does not claim or intend to have the exact matches as Forms 1.0.

Hi @angshuonline - We know that Forms 1.0 and 2.0 should not be compared, its just an observation that we wanted to share. I was planning to discuss this PDF in todays PAT call

As requested, i have created separate links for all the issues observed with Forms 2.0. Below are the links to them

Hi Angshu

Any idea what’s happened to these?

Pretty sure, we discussed about these in the PAT calls. If not, please ping. I guess, this was more in response to our ask of splitting up the questions (shared earlier through pdf file) so that its easier to have threads against different topics and/or response to one!

I don’t remember exactly what all the discussions/suggestions were - I tried to write out my opinions. See specific threads.

I have replied on individual threads/talk-posts. So lets continue contextually there …