Issues and Observations with Forms 2.0

Context: We are configuring observation forms for our implementation using Forms 2.0. The attached document is the list of issues/observations that we encountered during configuration. We wanted the community to be aware about all of them and also suggest if they feel any/all of these should be fixed and the ways in which they can be fixed.

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Forms 1.0 vs 2.0 Issues and Observations - Sheet1.pdf (569.5 KB)

It might be better to discuss each of the issues separately. Also, had a quick look at the pdf - please do not compare Forms 1 to Forms 2 just like that. It does not make sense sometimes. Note that Forms 2, does not claim or intend to have the exact matches as Forms 1.0.

Hi @angshuonline - We know that Forms 1.0 and 2.0 should not be compared, its just an observation that we wanted to share. I was planning to discuss this PDF in todays PAT call

As requested, i have created separate links for all the issues observed with Forms 2.0. Below are the links to them