Issues and Observations with Forms 2.0 - Observations on Import/Export of forms

Context - We are aware that we should not compare Forms 1.0 with 2.0 as forms 2.0 does not claim or intend to have the exact matches as Forms 1.0. The aim is to make the community aware about all of them and also provide suggestions if they feel any/all of these should be fixed and the ways in which they can be fixed.

Description - Below is the list of observations on Import/Export of forms

  1. With Forms 1.0, during CSV import from local to QA the short names are reflected on the QA instance. With Forms 2.0, during form import from local to QA the short names are not reflected. We manually have to set the short names by copying the translations file or via UI

  2. With Forms 1.0, special characters like " - : % " are supported. With Forms 2.0, during form import these special characters are not supported

  3. With Forms 1.0, no additional spaces added during export of forms for concepts having numeric values in concept name. With Forms 2.0, during form export if we have a number in a concept name then it adds an additional space in the json automatically. After import of form we get an error of concept not found as it is looking for a concept without the additional space

Please share your thoughts @vmalini @snehabagri @jinal @angshuonline @binduak

  • CSV import was never linked to forms concept’s display functionality. Forms 1.0 used a convention, and always showed short name. Forms 2.0 translations are loaded up from a different file or from the form-definition. I would suggest not to mix up with the CSV import. Use “upload of forms” feature (something a project team already working on - attn @binduk) for handling display names.

Do you mean the name of the form? If its for the form-definition, then its likely a bug.

  • Is this still an issue after the recent work on the form-upload? If yes, its likely a bug. Does this happen always?

Yes name of form.

This is a bug in form2 and we do not want to integrate CSV upload, but make sure short names (ie. translations) get exported with forms.

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