Issues and Observations with Forms 2.0 - UI Observations

Context - We are aware that we should not compare Forms 1.0 with 2.0 as forms 2.0 does not claim or intend to have the exact matches as Forms 1.0. The aim is to make the community aware about all of them and also provide suggestions if they feel any/all of these should be fixed and the ways in which they can be fixed.

Description - Below is the list of UI observations that we have seen

  1. With Forms 1.0 the alignment of concepts is towards the left side of the page but with Forms 2.0 the alignment is from the center of the page

  2. With Forms 1.0 length of the concept box remains the same, irrespective of the text it has and therefore concept selection does not modify the UI but with Forms 2.0 length of the concept box varies with the text and so concept selection modifies the UI with Forms 2.0

  3. Spacing between two concepts is less with Forms 1.0 and more with Forms 2.0. This is problematic if a form printed with forms 1.0 was accommodated in 2 pages and with forms 2.0 is taking 3 or more pages

Please share your thoughts @vmalini @snehabagri @jinal @angshuonline @binduak

  • If its about the answers for coded concepts - sure.
  • If for coded answers (type coded), then maybe we can introduce a property for answers “length” - which would wrap the lengthier texts and show everything as same size! if its for the question - we can introduce similar “length” property for the concept - and even introduce “wrap texts” property. Also, instead of putting a check mark, maybe we can change the button style to reflect the selection.

Our current implementations feel the older look and feel of same size is more user friendly, can we retain the same?

It’s for all fields.

Is this fine, if we make it similar to form1?