Issues and Observations with Forms 2.0 - Miscellaneous observations

Context - We are aware that we should not compare Forms 1.0 with 2.0 as forms 2.0 does not claim or intend to have the exact matches as Forms 1.0. The aim is to make the community aware about all of them and also provide suggestions if they feel any/all of these should be fixed and the ways in which they can be fixed.

Description - Below is the list of miscellaneous observations

  1. With Forms 1.0, we can capture month and year as a part of the same concept. With Forms 2.0, we cannot capture month and year as a part of the same concept

  2. With Forms 1.0, CSV upload takes care of all the fully specified names and short names. With Forms 2.0, on editing a published form the shortnames from the previous version of the form are not getting reflected on the new version - We have fixed this

  3. With Forms 1.0, concise text is supported i.e the length of a text box can be reduced. With Forms 2.0, concise text is not supported.

  4. With Forms 1.0, Add more for forms is supported. With Forms 2.0, Add more for forms is not supported

[Add more for forms is required when we need to do retrospective data entry for a large number of patients. We cannot use the existing way of retrospective data entry as it involves date selection for every patient before recording observations. This step of date selection can be missed by a user when recording observations for many patients.]

Please share your thoughts @vmalini @snehabagri @jinal @angshuonline @binduak

  • This was a reported bug on another thread. I think there is a PR as well for this.
  • This was also raised as another thread? and the a feature is being introduced or done already. @snehabagri
  • See comments on “display length” and “wrap text” in the other thread
  • How is the answer captured - datatype etc?

This is for text-box, the link talks about coded answers

The datatype is “Date” and the supporting config in “app.json” file for clinical folder is as below

“MTC, Month and year of treatment period” :


    "required" : true,
    "minYear": 2000,
    "maxYear": 2020,
    "allowFutureDates": true,
    "displayMonthAndYear": true

The same config is not supported with Forms 2.0

mandatory and allowFutureDates are already supported. regarding

  • displayMonthAndYear - you just need to set the HTML5, input type=“month”. I am not sure if I would introduce the same configuration in Forms2. I would probably put a “displayStyle” property that can have multiple values (displayMonthAndYear, displayWeekAndYear) etc. That way we don’t need multiple property.
  • minYear and maxYear - is only applicable if “displayMonthAndYear” is true. I would say that we can introduce a min and max - which will always take a date. No different than a HTML5 data type’s min and max.