Issues and Observations with Forms 2.0 - Description Observations

Context - We are aware that we should not compare Forms 1.0 with 2.0 as forms 2.0 does not claim or intend to have the exact matches as Forms 1.0. The aim is to make the community aware about all of them and also provide suggestions if they feel any/all of these should be fixed and the ways in which they can be fixed.

Description - Below is the list of observations with respect to the description on concepts

  1. With Forms 1.0, we were able to make description for concept as bold, italic, and start from a new line using HTML tags in OpenMRS. We are not able to do the same with Forms 2.0

  2. With Forms 1.0, if I want to see description for multiple concepts then I can see them all at once as the UI is adjusted accordingly whereas, with Forms 2.0, the description overlap each and i am not able to view all descriptions at once as the UI does not adjust automatically

Please share your thoughts @vmalini @snehabagri @jinal @angshuonline @binduak

  • IMO, convert the “label” control supporting simple markups. beware of script injection!
  • What would be the best way to display? Do you want the displays to be permanent or to be shown only on demand individually? I would prefer either a property to “show description” (for the question concept) - or - an info icon click displaying a closeable popup or as a “toast”.

Can we render it in the same way as Forms 1.0?