Propose a Design Forum Topic

OpenMRS Design Forums are one-hour calls twice each week for the purpose of discussing any design-related issues within the OpenMRS Community. The calls are open to anyone and routinely attended by experienced developers and clinical informatics specialists. We encourage all members of the community to join our design calls that are of interest and helpful to them. Learn more and how to join at The design call is apt at several stages of design:

  • At the start of a design process, bring your ideas for review by the broader community to get validation of your ideas and some feedback on directions to go.
  • In the middle of a project, share your prototypes and get feedback from experienced developers and clinicians in a higher bandwidth format than email or IRC.
  • When you encounter important decision points and see a few choices, share some brief background and your options and get help making the decision.

How do you get your topic on a Design Forum agenda?

Simply reply below with your proposed topic. Please try to include these 4 pieces of information:

  1. Title. Short descriptive title for agenda item.

  2. Description. Context for people who may not be directly involved in the work. Include links to JIRA issue(s), Talk discussion(s), wiki page(s), or other relevant resources for the discussion. It’s also helpful to summarize your specific goals for the discussion (what question(s) you are trying to answer).

  3. Required attendee(s). Who you believe must join the call for it to be productive. We’ll use this to schedule the call when they can join.

  4. Desired timing. Next available slot? Or is there a specific design forum you’d like to target.

NOTE: This topic is intended for people to easily propose new topics for design forum agendas. Further discussions about proposed topics, including logistics of scheduling are considered “off topic”, so please create a new topic for those discussions. Please refer to our Design Forum Conventions for arranging and discussing design topics.

Thanks Jamie,

I’d like to propose a topic for next Wednesday’s design call:

Title: OpenMRS PIX/PDQ registration integration with OpenEMPI Description: I-TECH Haiti and SolDevelo are designing a solution to integrate OpenMRS with OpenEMPI using PIX/PDQ. A draft specification will be made available on Tuesday PDT for attendees to review and discuss. The idea to be added to the design call came from this talk thread. Desired Attendees: @darius, @burke, @mogoodrich, @mseaton, @wyclif, @nathaelf Desired Timing: 6:00 PM UTC on Wednesday 31 May 2017

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I’d like to propose this topic:

Title: Sync 2.0 architecture draft

Description: SolDevelo will be working on a successor of the Sync module, which is used for syncing instances of OpenMRS.

Desired Attendees: @pgesek, @raff, @darius, @craigappl, @mksd and others, who responded to Sync 2.0 Planning

Desired Timing: Wednesday, July, 12th at 6 pm UTC


Thanks @raff! You are on the schedule for Wednesday.

Sorry for the late reply here, but I would like to make it possible for @angshuonline (based in India) to join this call, since has has done significant analysis of this sync approach. Could we do this next week on Monday’s call instead?

(Alternately, @angshuonline, can you do an 11:30pm IST call on Wednesday?)

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I would prefer next week Monday call. If thats not possible, I will try to make the 11:30 pm IST call on wednesday.

@pgesek, I know you preferred Wednesday over Monday this week, but how about Monday at 6 pm UTC+2 next week?

Next Monday works for me.

Thank you for suggesting this @darius Sync 2.0 architecture draft has been moved to Monday, July 17.

Need to have a call for Reporting Enhancements based on this thread Reference Application 2.7 - Simplifying Reporting Module - Documentation, Pre-built Reports, Higher Level Abstractions next Monday July 24, 2017

@mseaton @raff @mksrom @k.joseph @judeniroshan @dkayiwa @aolaniran @reddberckley, @fortune, @femi, @ethan, @enahomurphy - can you make it?


@ssmusoke, yes I should be able to attend.

@ssmusoke, Monday would do. Though I am in ICT time zone (South East Asia: UTC+7) so I am afraid I won’t be able to attend if it is after 4pm UTC.

We’d like to schedule a design discussion for incorporating the idgen module into the Platform.

  1. Title: “Incorporating the idgen module into the Platform”

  2. Description: We have set a goal of incorporating idgen within the Platform. We will be discussing IDGEN-33 and IDGEN-42 and come up with action steps & assignments to complete them.

  3. Required attendee(s): @mseaton, @darius, @burke

  4. Desired timing: Next open slot.

Additional detail

Following up on the discussion from Updating OpenMRS Radar for 2017, we’d like to schedule a design forum to update our Technology Radar.

  1. Title: “Updating OpenMRS Technology Radar for 2017”

  2. Description: Reviewing and updating the data for 2017

  3. Required attendee(s): @darius, @mseaton, @pascal, @wyclif, @burke

  4. Desired timing: Next open slot when attendees are able to join

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From Error Editing voided property.

Title: Unvoiding/Unretiring via REST Description: Standardize on a REST API for undeleting (unvoiding data, or unretiring metadata) Timing: next available

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We’d like to schedule a call for

Title: “Module to collect data from user-related forms”

Description: The discussion will focus on developing a module, or enhancing an existing one in order to capture data that is not directly linked with patients, but part of the implementation. For example, recurring data related to facility performance or feedback from community health workers, etc.

Required attendee(s): @maimoonak, @ningosi, @rabbia.hassan, @darius, @shujaat

Desired timing: Next open slot on Wednesday when attendees are able to join.

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Title. Refactoring RefApp UI (login, landing page) to use Javascript+REST to promote greater collaboration

Description. During OMRS17, we had a session specifically discussing ways we could create greater collaboration beyond the platform (notes). One of the action items from that discuss was to refactor the main UI components of the Reference Application (specifically, login page & landing page, then maybe dashboard ±visit page) to use contemporary development techniques that we want to promote –i.e., React or Angular against REST, npm, maybe webpack or similar technologies. As Darius put it (paraphrasing): “I don’t want to devs to have to learn extra OpenMRS-specific steps in order to add an app to the RefApp.”

Goal: Determine strategy for refactoring login page and landing page, including technologies/approach to be used and draft action plan. Our intent to complete this refactoring before GSoC starts in May.

Required attendee(s). @darius, @dkayiwa, at least one of @wyclif & @raff if we can’t have both.

Others I know may be particularly interested: @mseaton, @mogoodrich, @ssmusoke, @jdick. Of course, we’d love to have anyone join who can help contribute toward our goal.

Desired timing. Next available slot (I’m covering inpatient service 9-26 Feb, so would like to fit in this call and, if we need it, a follow-up call before 9 Feb).

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for what it’s worth, I will be unavailable Jan 25th to Jan 30th, but feel free to have the call without me… I am interested in following this, though.

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Hi all,

I’d like to schedule a design session focused on improving concept dictionary management for OpenMRS using OCL. We had a preliminary discussion in January where we outlined 3 milestones that we hope to hit in 2018 so that OCL can be a more valuable tool for the OMRS community. This topic corresponds to milestone 2 in these notes:

Thanks! Jon

Title. Implementing LDAP support in Atlas 3.1 project,

Description. During GSoC 2016, a new version of the Atlas server code was written in nodejs as the Atlas 3.0 Project, but this new, node-based server code was never fully deployed.Since in 2017 the authentication is switched to LDAP, it is needed to implement the same in atlas 3.1 project.

Goal: Determine strategy for designing the authentication module with LDAP and discussing other security related issues.

Required attendee(s). @burke @pascal @shekhar

Desired timing. 28 Feb (Since GSoc applications would start from 12th March).

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