OpenMRS - Microservices talk

Hello friends!

As we talked a little while ago at the Platform Team meeting (@dkayiwa) I would like to use this post to talk about the possibility and the state of microservices currently in OpenMRS.

Doing a little research I found these links that dealt with the topicin the past and it seems that there have already been cases and with success in the community :grinning:

Links: OpenMRS Microservices links

Personally, I am focused and highly motivated to migrate to this technology and I think that the project meets many requirements to be able to use tools such as Spring Boot, etc… and I would like to discuss it.

I am focused on analyzing how a microservice with modern technology (Spring Boot, Cloud, Quarkus, Kafka,etc…) could fit within the openMRS architecture and I would like to have your opinion since after all I am new to the community.

I’ve taken this task as a possible microservice candidate for a real-life case as a proof of concept:

Feel free to comment.


Succesful cases:

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