Updating OpenMRS Radar for 2017

Hey @Radar team, let’s try to get together and update our radar for 2017.

We’ll use an upcoming design forum with the goal to get our radar updated during that call.

If you have thoughts/suggestions on items that should be added to our radar during this round, please share them here.

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s design forum to update our OpenMRS radar.

Our goal is to publish 2017 Q3 Radar within 2 weeks (before September ends)

We got through and made decisions on most everything for 2017 Q3 recommendations. I later updated our spreadsheet to provide automatic (or manual via HTML → Preview) previews of descriptions in a sidebar. :slight_smile:

Outstanding To Dos for om.rs/radardata

  • @darius to check whether additional distros should be included
  • @darius to add link to information about & to track Bahmni governance updates
  • @burke (or @dkayiwa or @ssmusoke) to make sure we update Ref Application descriptions (one for RefApp as demo and second for RefApp as basis of custom EMR development)
  • @dkayiwa to provide updated link – if needed – to starting point for OWA development
  • @mogoodrich to provide better description for Metadata Mapping

We need everyone’s input!

Are there additional technologies not yet included on OpenMRS Radar that we haven’t yet included? If there are new technologies being used by or highly relevant to the OpenMRS Community that we’re missing, please help let us know.

I haven’t seen any edits of om.rs/radardata or gotten comments since we met on 11 Sept. To meet our goal of publishing an updated Radar by the end of this month, I’m going to update OpenMRS Radar with our changes this weekend.

I updated the Reference Application descriptions (and surprised myself when my little HTML Preview feature actually proved useful by helping me discover a typo in the descriptions :wink: ).

If @darius wants to add distros or add a link to Bahmni governance updates, @dkayiwa wants to provide a link to starting OWA development, or @mogoodrich wants to provide a better description for Metadata Mapping, you can still do that (even after it’s published).

<aside>We should consider commenting on Docker in the next version of our Radar</aside>