request for PHR agenda on OpenMRS weekly call

(elly makuba) #1

Hi team I would like to request for the inclusion of PHR authentication to OpenMRS as an agenda on Wednesday 11/07/2017 19:00 UTC / 14:00 ET. What is the right procedure to have it included?

(Daniel Kayiwa) #2

cc @jthomas

(Jamie Thomas) #3

Hi @ellymakuba. We are always happy to assist with the logistics of design forums. To schedule a design forum please post to the Talk post below to propose your design topics so we can get more information on your topic. This gives us more background on your topic to help get it on the schedule and it gives more visibility for other community members who may have interest in the same topic.

As of right now we have something on the schedule for this Wednesday’s design forum (July 12). Please post your request to the Talk post below and let me know if we can put you on the schedule for July 17 or July 19.

(elly makuba) #4

Okay, thanks @jthomas.

(elly makuba) #5

Hi @jthomas, I will like to book the design forum on 17/07/2017 with the below content.

PHR authentication to OpenMRS The mUzima team is working to design a personal health record (PHR) application that patients will use on their mobile devices to connect with OpenMRS. Patients should be able to access their historical data and save patient entered data. We are planning to create user accounts for patients in OpenMRS and link the two accounts (patient & user). Since having patients as users is something unprecedented we would like to get the perspective of the larger OpenMRS community on the challanges this approach will pose or any other alternatives that can be explored on patient authentication. PHR authentication to Openmrs.

Aagenda How to authenticate to OpenMRS from the PHR app? How do you save patient entered data to OpenMRS? How can patient self registration be achieved from the PHR?

Required attendees;@burke,@wyclif,@dkayiwa,@judy,@jthomas My Team;@ellymakuba,@mwere,@mssavai,@sthaiya,@ayeung

(Jamie Thomas) #6

@ellymakuba it appears the group that scheduled to meet on Wednesday, July 12 at 19:00 UTC / 14:00 ET would prefer the Monday time slot. Are you still interested in bringing your topic to tomorrows design forum?

(Ada Yeung) #7

Hi, @jthomas, I am responding on behalf of @ellymakuba. If tomorrow timeslot works for most required attendees, we can do it tomorrow. Can you please help us to confirm? Thanks!

(Jamie Thomas) #8

Yes, @burke @darius @wyclif should be able to attend. I don’t have a direct way to reach out to @judy but I hope she will see this post and be able to join as well. Thank you for the quick response and flexibility.