Design Time for Module to Collect Data from User-related Forms

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Desired Attendees: @maimoonak, @ningosi, @rabbia.hassan, @darius, @shujaat

Are there any desired attendees that can not attend on Wednesday, January 17 @7pm UTC?

@ahmed14 @ningosi @rabbia.hassan @shujaat @darius @maimoonak
Please let us know if you won’t be able to join the call today.

Thanks. I’ll join.

Where will the call take place?

Thanks @dkayiwa @darius @rabbia.hassan @wyclif @imranarif and all who attended the call for taking time out and providing valuable feedback.

@ahmed14 and I will be analyzing available options, enslist pros and cons of each and then reach a conclusion on whether to:

  1. Use an existing external tool and write a module to integrate with OpenMRS
  2. Extends Facility Data module to fit more general needs
  3. Create a new module
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