Design Time for Expanded Data Entry Statistics?

Hi @ayeung! I noticed you would like to have a design forum on 12 June around Expanded Data Entry Statistics. Can you give me some more information about your topic?

  1. Description. Context for people who may not be directly involved in the work. Include links to JIRA issue(s), Talk discussion(s), wiki page(s), or other relevant resources for the discussion. It’s also helpful to summarize your specific goals for the discussion (what question(s) you are trying to answer).

  2. Required attendee(s). Who you believe must join the call for it to be productive. I see so far you have @willa, @steliomo, @emaposse. Anyone else need to be there?

Also please use the Talk post below for proposing future design topics so others can see and follow topics of interest to them.

Thanks, @jthomas! I have updated the wiki page with the attached UI Mockup.

Description: We would like to expand the current Data Entry Statistics to include more features:

  • More flexible options to set up report criteria - daily report within a user-defined period and monthly report.
  • The first output report is being displayed with columns (by data entry clerk) and rows (by form date).
  • The second output report is being displayed with columns (by data entry clerk) and rows (by form type).
  • The third report is being displayed with columns (by data entry clerk) and rows (by month).
  • Please see DataEntryStatisticsUIMockup-20170517.pdf (306.5 KB) for more information.
  • We would like to present our proposal and get feedback whether we are on the right track (aligned with other possible community use cases). Also, we would like to know if we should work on modifying the existing module or create a new module.

We would like to have @burke, @wyclif, @mseaton, and @dkayiwa attended the call and other developers/implementers who might be interested.

Let me know if you need more information. Thanks!

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Am sure @ssmusoke does not want to miss this too, because he is the one who pushed me to migrate this module from svn to github. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @dkayiwa! It will definitely help if @ssmusoke can join for discussion. :slight_smile:

@ssmusoke, will you be available to attend the Design Call on June 12? It would be great to get your view and feedback. Thanks!

@ayeung I will be available


Hi, we would like to share the discussions from yesterday’s Design Call here. Please see

After internal discussion from FGH Mozambique Team (@emaposse, @steliomo, @eurico.jose, @willa) , we have decided to build the extension from the existing code instead of through reporting module due to resource constraints. Thanks!

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Thanks @ayeung for the update! Tell us when any of your team needs access to

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