GSoC 2021- Guidelines for interested students

To those students interested in applying to work on an OpenMRS project for GSoC 2021, welcome to the community!

The Summer of Code 2021 wiki page is your first source of information - please take a look at the list of proposed projects and familiarise yourself with these suggestions on how to get involved at this stage of the program:

Expectations for Students (Before being accepted)

  1. Become familiar with OpenMRS and the project(s) for which you’re applying. If relevant, make sure you have OpenMRS installed and running. Read the Developer Guide , Getting Started as a Developer , and ask others in the community if you have questions. If you ask questions the smart way, you’ll get better responses.

  2. Make sure your development environment is installed and running , and optimized for maximum efficiency. Review our Conventions page

  3. Review project ideas & ask questions about those or other projects in the #community:gsoc category on OpenMRS Talk.

  4. Spend as much time as possible in our IRC channel or Telegram chat , as well as on OpenMRS Talk with other community members. Remember, GSoC-specific questions should be asked on Talk .

  5. Introduce yourself on the community introduction page on OpenMRS Talk.

  6. Achieve /dev/1 status. (earn the /dev/null badge and then earn the Smart Developer badge by passing the quiz ).

  7. Do some code reviews . Reviewing code from others is one of the great ways to learn the OpenMRS code base.

  8. If you’re returning to do GSoC with OpenMRS for a repeat term, be just as thorough (or more so!) than first-time students. Don’t skip steps and work extra hard to impress your mentor(s).

If you’d like to discuss one of the proposed project ideas, check the #community:gsoc category first to see if there’s an existing thread for that project. If not, you can create a new topic to start discussions on the project. Please title the thread ‘GSoC 2021 - Project Name’ where Project Name reflects the name of the project


Thanks @herbert24

cc @dbryzz @lobeserge

Hey there! I am Abhinav Gudipati! I am interested to contributing to some projects in which y’all are planning to roll out this year for GSoC 2021, it would be great if y’all could share a list of all projects OpenMRS is working on this year!

thanking you in anticipation!

I inadvertently forgot to check out the link posted in the top, sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Hello myself Sonu Kumar Kushwaha, interested in valuable contribution to openMRS projects for GSOC 2021.i am currently in 3rd year of engineering (electronic and communication) I am from Nepal ,and I college in india.

thanks for expressing your interest for GSOC 2021,kindly look at the instructions above and incase of any questions you can let us know here

Hello @herbert24 ! To achieve dev/1, we need to clear java and hibernate quiz, but I have not learnt either of them, I am here to contribute in React instead and have started contributing as well. What should I do in that regard? Thanks!

@vasharma05 it has different sections, java and hibernate being one of them. You can give the quiz, it is designed to check your basic understanding.

@jennifer @dkayiwa @jwnasambu

Hello @medhavi ! had an attempt at the quiz for now trying what I knew best. Thank You for clearing my doubt. Have a nice day!


The Telegram invite link shared is invalid/expired. @herbert24 Please rectify this as this is a barrier for communication.

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hi @jennifer it seems our telegram link breaks ie Telegram: Join Group Chat

Thanks, @elonshubham and @herbert24 - the link is fixed.

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The public Telegram link is Telegram OpenMRS Hope you find it helpful

Hello ! i am shekhar, i want to contribute to openMRS projects for GSOC 2021 i am in 2nd year of IT engineering

Welcome to Openmrs, please take a look at the pinned message above. feel free to ask questions if any

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Hello,you are welcome to join GSOC 2021,we do have a webinar for the social hour today as per this link 2021-03-12:Community Social Hour - #5 by dbryzz it will be great joining us!

Hello am Frankie Njie and am really interested in joining the OpenMRS community projects for GSoC 2021. I look forward to working with everyone here and learning a lot from the mentors in any way I can.

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Hello @frankiesabiboy16 ! Welcome to OpenMRS. You can have a look at the projects at Summer Of Code 2021 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki. You can find more detail in the project description. Have a good time with us.

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