GSoC 2019 : Warm up practices for students

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(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #1

Hi every one,

Google Summer of Code 2019 has been announced officially by Google. Applications for interested open source project organizations open on January 15, 2019, and student applications open March 25. . The GSoC 19 is planned to run between May 27, 2019 - Aug 26, 2019

Students need to wait until officially OpenMRS accepted as a mentoring organization for GSoC 2019. After that only, We will release a list of projects which will be supposed to carry on the GSoC 2019 under our community mentorships. Before that, you can start to work on the Warm-up practices for GSoC 2019.

I have mentioned some tips to prepare and warm up for the Google Summer of code. Still, students have much time to prepare for GSoC, so I hope, it will help you to get started with GSoC 2019 - OpenMRS.

Warm up practics for GSoC 19

  1. If you are new to OpenMRS, spend some time to understand the OpenMRS and its usages around the world.

  2. Install OpenMRS Reference application with modules and get familiar withOpenMRS SDK.

  3. Start to learn about OpenMRS architectures and module development techniques.

  4. Read Developer Guide, Getting Started as a Developer, and ask others in the community if you have questions.

  5. Learn about OpenMRS Pull Request tips, How to send a Good Pull Request and coding standards.

  6. Go through the OpenMRS JIRA, and start to work on some tickets. We preferred to work on #community-priority tickets [Get from OpenMRS JIRA]

  7. Help to finish the tickets which are waiting for Ref App 2.9 release or Platform releases.

  8. Be active on OpenMRS talk forum, and help others to solve their issues regarding developments, testings, and deployments.

  9. Go through the past projects, and start to contribute those projects

    1. GSoC 2018 Projects list
    2. GSoC 2018 Final Project Submissions
    3. GSoC 2017 Projects list
    4. GSoC 2017 Final Project Submissions
  10. Achieve /dev/1 status. (earn the /dev/null badge and then earn the Smart Developer badge by passing the quiz).

  11. Do some code reviews. Reviewing code from others is one of the great ways to learn the OpenMRS code base.

  12. Do more and more to live with OpenMRS :smile: Enjoy …!

OpenMRS Projects

  1. Java based projects (Few are mentioned here, you can get more from JIRA)

    1. OpenMRS Core
    2. Webservices REST Module
    3. Open Web Apps
    4. Android Client
    5. EMR API
  2. JavaScript-based projects

    1. System Administration OWA
    2. Add On Manager OWA
    3. Built-In Reports OWA
    4. React UI Components
    5. Cohort Builder OWA

Above programming languages are only some examples for most used programming languages for OpenMRS development. OpenMRS uses Java, JavaScript, Angular, React, Gulp, Spring, Hibernate, HTML, CSS, JSP, GSP, MySQL, and so many frameworks and libraries :smile:. Please go around OpenMRS projects to get more about the languages/frameworks/libraries usages.

Be active and get your chance for Google Summer of Code 2019 with OpenMRS :slight_smile:


OpenMRS India Community
Welcome! Please introduce yourself.
(Daniel Kayiwa) #2

This is so awesome of you @suthagar23 :smile:

(Rupesh Jha) #3

Thanks a lot @suthagar23 for sharing this. This is really helpfull.

(William Zhang) #4

Thanks! I hope to do this after my awesome time with OpenMRS for the Google Code-In. Just wondering, are there any opportunities for projects in languages other than Java and Javascript? Thanks

(tendo kiiza Martyn) #5

@suthagar23 cool staff up here

cc @hilz041 @sheldon

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #6

What do you expect as another language? We still have most in Java and JavaScript :smiley:

(Prabodh Kotasthane) #7

Great @suthagar23! I am planning to have one more amazing year contributing to OpenMRS :smile: with GSoC 2019! Well I would appreciate if we update the unassigned and active projects lists wiki page so that the GSoC aspirants could have a clear idea about what are the various options available to contribute upon.

Can all the project champions once go through the active and unassigned projects and update the list?

@dkayiwa what do you think?

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #8

Actually we still not finalize the projects for GSoC 2019, since we need to apply and be selected as an Mentoring Org for GSoC. Once we accepted, then onl we can work with students regarding GSoC projects. Before that, the students who wants to participate in GSoC, just can cocontribute to OpenMRS in other ways.

(Prabodh Kotasthane) #9

@suthagar23 I agree with you. But my point is that if a GSoC aspirant wants know what are the current projects or modules which are under development then he/she could find easily and get that idea. This would help them getting more involved with what specific skill set they have.

Actually I know that the list of projects and project related discussions starts after the official announcement of orgs but OpenMRS is a big organisation and does have various different projects which makes it tough for the students to decide what exactly is their way through GSoC. Also OpenMRS does have high chances of getting accepted as a GSoC organisation. This makes aspirants confident upon the organisation and thus inspire them to select projects asap.

Thus I think a expected GSoC project list is a very good option to help the students as well as getting ready for GSoC. :smiley:

Still if rules don’t allow then we don’t have options :slight_smile:

(Sheldon Asingwire) #10

@suthagar23 am happy to know about gsoc and i would like to join, and i would need your help through this

cc @tendomart

(tendo kiiza Martyn) #11

@sheldon good to know ,please read carefully through the links provided by @suthagar23 above.For any other questions the folks on this thread are more than willing to help out.

(Rupesh Jha) #12

Hi everyone , I would love to be a part of GSoC 2019 from openMRS . Since there is only two programming languages used in openMRS .But I am a Full Stack Web Developer so want to build something cool for openMRS in field of web. So want to know other devs view and looking for their feedbacks . I would love to use HTML ,CSS ,JAVASCRIPT ,NODE.JS ,MONGODB /MYSQL , ANGULAR ,Gulp.js .

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #13

Hi @rupeshiya

Actually, OpenMRS isn’t restricted with only those programming languages :smile:. I just mentioned some most used languages there only. You can walk around OpenMRS GitHub to get more.


  • I mentioned JavaScript there which includes Angular, React, Gulp, jQuery, Ajax, and etc. You can walk around those projects to get a better understanding about the frameworks which we used there.

  • Actually, We depend on the MySQL database and Hibernate for OpenMRS development. Go through the OpenMRS architecture to get about this more.

  • Web layouts and front ends are designed using HTML, CSS, JSP, GSP, and others.

So, OpenMRS doesn’t depend only those mentioned languages. Please go around and get more for your wishes :wink:

(Rupesh Jha) #14

thanks @suthagar23 for clearing my doubt and for your feedback. surely will go for it .

(Rupesh Jha) #15

@suthagar23 Why I am unable to access openMRS issues ? When I am trying to login it’s giving You do not have a permission to log in. If you think this is incorrect, please contact your JIRA administrators.

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #16

@rupeshiya You need to get the required access by requesting to OpenMRS Help desk. Can you read this blog to get more about this process :slight_smile:

(Rupesh Jha) #17

thanks @suthagar23 , It’s good and crystal clear .

(William Zhang) #18

Ok. I was wondering of maybe a Python API, some sort of python wrapper for the REST module API?

(Irene Nyakate) #19

Thanks so much @suthagar23 for this write up, it’s awesome.

(Andrei Stanila) #20

I’m so excited about this Gsoc . I love java, spring, hibernate and i’m so happy that i found this organization to contribute . I can’t wait to see the project list . Util then i will surf the talk, Jira and github to get more familiar with the project. Happy new year !!!