GSoC 2019 : Warm up practices for students

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(Irene Nyakate) #21

Hello @andu033 thank you for the expression of interest in this year’s GSoC. Happy new year too.

(Abhishek Bvs) #22

Thanks, @suthagar23 for this awesome write up. I am interested in participating in GSoC 2019. Right now I am going through wiki pages and guide. Hope I will learn and contribute to Openmrs

(mona saleh) #23

Hi, I think we’d (better do it thru research), and one research aspect is in the user experience. So, I think these research papers may be of value to inspire projects of OpenMRS: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- and many others :slight_smile:

Design Forum 2019-01-02: OPEN FORUM
(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #24

Thanks @monasaleh. Let us look into those research articles.

(mona saleh) #25

@suthagar23 for example, we can discuss this paper that talks about:

  • (Medical Logic Modules) & (Disease models) for (Clinical Decision Support) at the (Physician Order Entry).

  • It also talks about (Patient Consent Policies),

  • (Voice Recognition for dictation),

  • (Barcodes),

  • (Biobanks linked to EHRs),

  • (the need for restrictions on the use of copy and paste to limit the growing challenge of ‘note bloat’)

  • Infobuttons (Open Source Web Service) and information retrieval,

  • Travelers’ health.

  • Use of mobile devices with high-resolution cameras by clinicians to capture images from the bedside and incorporate them into the EHR

Design Forum 2019-01-02: OPEN FORUM
(mona saleh) #26

@suthagar23 we can also discuss this paper: thru this table: and this table: :slight_smile:

(Kakumirizi Daud) #27

This is so exiting. Thanks @suthagar23 for this article

(Randika Jayasekara) #28

@suthagar23 Thanks for your guidance. I hope I will have a great time with OpenMRS