Formalizing criteria for selection of sites for future OpenMRS Implementer's Meetings...

Continuing the discussion from Criteria to determine "optimal" location for upcoming Implementer's Meetings:

Hi everyone,

After some group discussion over the last couple of months, we have finalized a first working draft of selection criteria to help us discern locations for upcoming OpenMRS Implementers Meeting events. The primary driver for this is a significant uptake in interest by countries in hosting future events, and the community needing a data-driven way to select amongst a collection of options for a given event time period.

So, without further ado… here are those critera:

Criteria for OpenMRS Implementers Meetings

  • Significant local OpenMRS community activity (ie, presence of regional community within country, hackathons, > longstanding community membership, etc)
  • Country helps support long term strategic interests of the OpenMRS community
  • Easy physical access (ie, good international airport, liberal visa policies, local transportation)
  • Travel and hotel infrastructure suitable to host the meeting
  • Safety and stability
  • Commitment to OpenMRS as a network, regional, or country level platform for patient-level record keeping (ideally, this commitment would come directly from a country’s MOH or top health leadership)
  • Strong local hosting organization with an ability to engage local resources / sponsorship
  • Underserved environment
  • Willingness to host OpenMRS clinical site visits

Successful hosts will embody many of these criteria, but they are by no means all specific requirements.

Given that this is a new methodology, we want to simply publish these for feedback and comments, and start to apply them for the upcoming year’s event. They will likely be refined, and perhaps even weighted based upon our future use and experiences.

Comments and thoughts are welcome!

Best, -Paul