Announcement: 2019 OpenMRS Implementers' Meeting Host country awarded to Mozambique

Hello Everyone:

It is with immense pleasure to announce the 2019 OpenMRS Implementers’ conference(#OMRS19) will be in Maputo, Mozambique.

The Mozambique team put together a strong application to host this year’s conference in which they adequately met the criteria for hosting the annual conference.

We’re grateful to the countries that sent in their applications for the 2019 and 2020 Implementers’ conference. Thanks to all the members who took part in the application process and to all the community members who contributed to the process.

We will also be reopening the 2020 Host country application, hence keep a look out for that.

Official dates and conference venue will soon follow.

Congratulations Mozambique :confetti_ball: :clap::clap:.


Congratulations too to the event committee for always being on time.


Congrat to Mozambique Team Very great application ! BR

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Congrats Mozambique.

cc @carina

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congs @mozambique

congs Mozambique

Congrats Mozambique, Hello Carina :smiley:

Welcome deb :clap:

Congratulations Mozambique team

congratulations Mozambique team