Announcement: OMRS17 HOST Location: MALAWI!!

Dear OpenMRS Community, After thorough review, deliberation, and feedback from the OpenMRS community I am happy to announce Malawi will be hosting this year’s OpenMRS Implementers’ Conference The Malawi team managed to pass through our vigorous selection process which included votes from the community and final review by the OpenMRS planning committee against the set criteria.

Malawi has shown great interest in hosting this year’s conference which was clearly indicated in their detailed application, and they most closely meet the criteria for hosting this annual conference.

We’re overwhelmed with gratitude for all the countries that expressed interest in hosting this incredible event, and although your country wasn’t selected this year we hope your offer extends beyond 2017 as we’d like to consider you for next year. Thanks to all the members who took part in the application process and to all the community members who helped via their votes and council throughout the selection process.

Official dates and conference information will soon follow, but we anticipate the conference being around the second week of December

Congratulations Malawi!!.

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Congratulations Malawi! We look forward to working with you to plan OMRS17 and make it one of the best conferences yet!

Congs Malawi we await a warm welcome

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Malawi, here we come!

Thanks, Malawi, for your willingness to host the OpenMRS community. We are looking forward to a wonderful conference! Christine, thanks, as always, for your leadership within the OpenMRS community.

Congratulation Malawi,big step

Congratulations Malawi.

@christine: It would be nice to have “Openmrs Implementers Meeting/Conference” in the title instead of OMRS17 to make it easily searchable. For example, the first hit for a search phrase “Openmrs meeting 2017” is (Well, that may be only for me because google is doing some fancy stuff with my personal data, nevertheless I thought it is worth mentioning).

Congratulations Malawi!!!

Is the event still on?

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Oh yeah! We’re speaking with Malawi today to finalize the exact dates in December.

Thanks, @willa for your feedback. For the next posts, I will ensure to incorporate your suggestion.

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