OMRS17 Locations: Please provide your feeback


Over the past month and this month we have been receiving applications for the next OpenMRS conference host country. As per the moment ,we have some strong applications from three countries that are interested in hosting and we would like the community to vote on their preferred location for this year.

Just a gentle reminder: As you make your decisions please consider the following set criteria as posted here:

  • Significant local OpenMRS community activity (ie, presence of regional community within country, hackathons, longstanding community membership, etc)
  • Country helps support long term strategic interests of the OpenMRS community
  • Easy physical access (ie, good international airport, liberal visa policies, local transportation)
  • Travel and hotel infrastructure suitable to host the meeting
  • Safety and stability
  • Commitment to OpenMRS as a network, regional, or country level platform for patient-level record keeping (ideally, this commitment would come directly from a country’s MOH or top health leadership)
  • Strong local hosting organization with an ability to engage local resources / sponsorship
  • Underserved environment.
  • Willingness to host OpenMRS clinical site visits

Ultimately, this criteria will be used to determine the final location for the conference.


Vote on location for OMRS17

1. Review the applications

2. Cast your vote (due by Friday, 7-July)