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Hi all! I’m Katie, and I’m a technical writer interested in working with OpenMRS during this year’s Google Season of Docs program (specifically the API docs).

I was drawn to helping with OpenMRS because of my interest in medicine (especially in the developing world). Unfortunately, I haven’t done anything in this area personally or professionally — I’ve only read books on this topic. Perhaps now is the time for me to make a personal contribution, however small. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community, we look forward for your contribution.Kindly follow this link to get started

welcome to this awesome community @kmh233. surely we shall be grateful for your contribution. hope you have gone through this

welcome @kmh233 glad to have you on board

Hi everyone! I am Sachin, currently pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science from India. I am interested to participate in the Season of Docs and work with OpenMRS. I am an open source enthusiast. I love to learn new technologies, meet new people and visit new places. :slight_smile:

Glad to have you here. Kindly follow this link to get started.

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Hello, my fellows! The openMRS platform has a great core value to be free and open for everyone. I want to support this mission and provide my contribution to this project. At now it seems people at here aren’t much active on here, and we need to change that. I see that openMRS application has a lot of potential in different countries. Whenever the user is in Africa or Europe, the openMRS application should be uniting experience, and a comfortable, freeway for clinics to have has EMR.

I live in Finland, and our healthcare system is one of the best in the world.

From my point of view, we need to get openMRS community alive again and ensure that openMRS - project stays alive.

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We are glad you have come to stay and we look forward for your contribution. Kindly click here to get started.

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@kmh233 Welcome ! I am sure you have been directed on where to go to get started in terms of familiarising yourself with OMRS.

We also have standing Documentation calls on Tuesday 1pm UTC on https://www.uberconference.com/openmrs where you can get to meet some of the team members who support documentation activities and will be working with you during the GSoD program.

Thank you @c.antwi! I do have the references I need to familiarize myself with OMRS.

Thank you for letting me know about the Docs calls – I should be able to stop in in two weeks or so.

Yes, I’ve read through that already, thank you

your welcome@Dmitry

Hi Everyone,

I’m Sarah Egwu. I’m a UX/Product Designer. I’ll love to help design better interfaces for openMRS. I’m excited to contribute to the community.

Excited to work with you all


You are welcome @sarahgift please do take a look here

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Hey @sarahgift Welcome !!!

we have a number of activities that are ongoing which would definitely would need your kind of expertise

Have a look at Release Process-Reference Application 2.10

Hope you can join us later today on the PM call at 3pm UTC.

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Welcome @sarahgift. It would be great to have you on the team. I am working on the Android Client for GSoC 19 and one of the main objectives is to create an awesome UI for the app.

It would be great if you could provides us some inputs for UI/UX.

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Hello @sarahgift we are glad to have you here .


Hi I’m Uthpala Pitawela, Software Engineer at a software engineering company, Colombo, Sri Lanka. I have just graduated this year with BSc (Hons) in Computer Science. I would like to be a contributor for GSoD 2019. My interests include data structures and algorithms, Operation System concepts.


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Welcome to the community. We look forward for your contribution kindly follow this link to get started.

Hi @uthpala, welcome to this wonderful community