Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hello @chiku1188 so sorry, I have seen this late, however the wiki page that has the projects has all the guidance you needed to see to it that you submit your application.

If you miss out on this year, you could be strategic for next year’s GSoC. :slight_smile:

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You are welcome @gauravj , we are happy to have you here. I hope you submitted your GSoC application. :slight_smile:


Hello devs, Am Reagan, a medical Doctor but fascinated and enthusiastic about coding especially as pertains to health. Am currently working at Mityana General Hospital where Openmrs software is being used which I think is brilliant. Am grateful to @k.joseph for introducing me to openmrs with mentorship and now I believe am ready to add a brick to the building of the Openmrs mansion. Cheers…:smiley:


Hi @reagan nice to have you here. To get you going you could have a look at this:grinning:


Hi everyone, my names Tim. I graduated college about a year ago and been working as a Software Engineer since then. I always wanted to help on an open source project but was always a bit nervous due to lack of experience with things like Github. As luck would have it my first job used Git and JIRA so I feel comfortable enough to try helping out. Looking forward to learning as I go here too!

Hi @timjpc3 super cool to have you in OpenMRS, did you get a chance to look at this? It will get you going

see you around

Hi all, I am Otaru Richard, a web developer with a degree in CS. I love to test & analyse codes and to make meaningful impact in the world of ICT while i learn all i possibly can. This seems a good platform to do that. really looking forward to an awesome coding experience with you guys. OpenMRS looks quit interesting and I can’t wait to see how many ways I can contribute and learn!

Hi @richotaru welcome to the community. To get going you should have a look at this

Thanks man

Hey everybody, I’m Lincoln Karuhanga, dev with Andela from Kampala, Uganda. Thanks for the awesome work you guys put in. Super excited and looking forward to working with everyone of you in pushing Open MRS’s mission forward. Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone, I’m Joel Denning, a frontend developer in Utah who is excited to get started with Open MRS! Hoping to get involved in 3.0 and help with some of the frontend infrastructure and architecture.


Hi @joeldenning and @karuhanga so cool to have you in the community. Hope you can go through this so you can engage in activity. If you have any questions use talk

See you around

Welcome @joeldenning and @karuhanga in the community.

Hello, I’m Sam. I’ve been in IT for 20 years and I’ve had various roles. More recently I’ve come back to my roots and Java development. I’m based in the UK and, in my day job, mainly work on SpringBoot micro services.

It dawn to me that, even though I had a long spell being involved in community projects, I had never contributed to an open source project.

It’s an opportunity to ‘get the record right’ and work on things I can feel passionate about. OpenMRS caught my eye when I was doing some research for a charity which was interested in a system to record patient data.

Also, I’m from Sub-Saharan Africa and I’m definitely interested in finding out how OpenMRS is used and how it could help institutions that are not using it.

I like many things, among other, my family. I like sport (doing it), learning about cultures and languages, and, when I get the opportunity, travelling.

I look forward to being part of this vibrant community :slight_smile:!

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@s4mmy you are welcome to the community

happy to have you here @s4mmy. Please have a look at this

Welcome in the community @s4mmy. :slight_smile:

Hi @onchariqa Welcome. It would be great to involve you in ongoing activities around QA @jennifer is currently working on building a team and scope of activities around this

Hello, My name is Dmitry, I am here to help with Android client (at least as a start). More about my experience you can find on my linkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/in/dmkazakov

I was looking for interesting open source project I can work on in my spare time. I found openmrs interesting to work on and would like to offer my skills and experience.

I am glad you have a telegram channel ( OpenMRS1) and would be happy to stay in touch over it.

Hi @gelassen nice to have you join us. You could take a look at this to get going