Release Process-Reference Application 2.10

Hello Community. Am delighted to have been appointed as the Release manager Reff App 2.10 and the Release is proposed to take place end of August 2019.

I would like to call upon all members of the community in the areas below

  • Developers
  • Implementers
  • Design Experts

to participate in the final Feature Validation Exercise for the features to be included in the reference Application 2.10. This exercise is to close latest next so that work on the release can commence.

Your ideas and submissions will be taken in the following ways

  • Participation in the final design call to be scheduled next week. (Time and date is going to be voted on from here cc @c.antwi ) to finalise on the features to be included in the relase

  • You can vote using this google Doc

  • You can comment directly on this talk Post.

See current proposed Reff App 2.10 Roadmap Features.

cc @c.antwi @k.joseph @reubenv @dkayiwa @burke @dev3 @dev4 @dev5 .

Best Regards

Mutesasira Moses


Hey Everyone

Please choose a suitable time from the options below:

Just to emphasise @mozzy request:

We have an amazing set of features /requirements and an ambitious deadline to meet. We are really keen to engage with analysts @monasaleh and others to help us write the user stories for the release.

Looking forward to the great discussions!


@c.antwi can we conclude on the time today so that we get to prepare for the meeting?

Good Afternoon @mozzy

The call will now be scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm UTC on Uberconference

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cc @c.antwi @k.joseph @reubenv @dkayiwa @burke @dev3 @dev4 @dev5 @dev2

It is also registered on the google calendar :slight_smile:

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There seems to be a double booking with the Micro frontend team

We will need to move the call to Skype or other means

I am on standby

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hi @c.antwi, whats better now?

Please join the call on Zoom on

is it completely online ?? or i may need to install some kind of app

you may need to install zoom for desktop in order to join the call

I will be waiting for you there . are @k.joseph and @reubenv be joining the call ?

Do you want to postpone this call to tomorrow morning? I am on the zoomlink that I shared now ?

where are we now, sorry for the delay, uberconference is busy

@c.antwi , unfortunately I’m travelling today so I won’t be able to join in today. Will try to make it for the next call. Do let me know if you need my assistance with something @mozzy :slight_smile:

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thanks @reubenv for always responding. ill always surely let you know whenever i get any blocker.

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Hey Everyone Thank you for a great meeting

In summary these were the main points from our just ended discussion :slight_smile:

  • Release team will monitor progress of the Condition List (GSoC 2019) project and OCL (Andela) activities with Cynthia; Will be looking to engage with the TPM of OCL @maurya @paynejd in the coming weeks to commence aligning activities around bringing OCL into the RefApp.

  • @mozzy to investigate the level of effort required for bringing the growth charts feature into the ref app Growth Chart in RefApp so that it can be spec’d up for community to work on

  • @c.antwi to make a post on talk to discuss mechanism of contributing code back into the community for features 3-6 in the proposed feature list indicated here

(We may need to spec out what these features are first before we reach out to the community to share their existing modules )

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Hello Cynthia @c.antwi,

I have some example user interfaces and activity diagrams at this link:

I will be more than happy to discuss them with you. The sequence diagrams include integration of various modules, including laboratory, radiology, clinic and pharmacy modules. P.S. I am currently unable to join the documentation calls due to work commitment, but I am following your progress from your talk posts.



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hi @c.antwi, i inboxed you,thouh you havent yet respondedd. we need to have a call on thursday to talk about how we should do further investigations into the isanteplus-module and also a few other things

Hello @c.antwi, can we have a brief call today at midday 12:00 AM EAT , to discuss about a few issues.