Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hello @wandji69, there is too many information and some are outdated. Would be grateful if you can point out to me the important ones.


Hi @deepak140596, I’d be happy to join in the project. I’ve been having issues finding my way on the platform. There’s too many information and outdated once too. I’d appreciate if you can point out how I can help the project and what to do to join the project

Hello everyone, I saw OpenMRS today and love the impact and idea of improving the health sector record management system especially in Africa. Since I have over 8 years of experience as a full stack Java developer, would like to contribute to this community with what I can both time and technical skill. Can’t wait to work with you all!

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We are glad to have you in this community kindly follow this link to get started.

@bberhe your most welcome to this loving community.

Hi everyone! I am Sanjula Madurapperuma, a Software Engineering Undergraduate with 4+ years of experience in developing Websites and 3+ years experience in developing Android Applications. I am also experienced in back-end frameworks like Spring and Play and interested in Machine Learning and Data Science.

I joined OpenMRS this year to be a contributor through GSoC. Even though I didn’t get selected, I will continue contributing to the community and the products whenever possible and try my best to get selected for GSoC next year.

Excited to work with you all. :slight_smile:


Glad to have you back in this community. Kindly follow this link to get started.

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Hello @sanjula, thanks for sticking with this wonderful community. look forward to your contributions. :smiley:


Hi everyone! I am Ruben performance test engineer (scripter) from Indonesia. Looking forward to learn openmrs and make contribution. Next step would be reading the dev guide. See you around guys.


Welcome to the community. We look forward for your contribution. Kindly follow this link to access the developer guide.

Hello, we are glad to have you here… look forward to your contribution

Hello @vrubenj ,your welcome

Hey, I’m Saicharan. I’m a IV year IT major, undergraduate student at IIIT Allahabad, India. I’m currently a GSoC '19 student with FOSSASIA. I’ve really been interested in GSoD 2019 Project Idea 1: Developing User Friendly Github Documentation for REST API. I would love to know more about this idea as I wanted to delve deeper into the ethics of how documentation is written and would love to participate in Google Season of Docs.

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Hello Everyone. Very happy to join the team

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welcome to this amazing community @mrsaicharan1

welcome @jadwafeeq to this community

welcome mrsaicharan1 to the community…you could start here https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Welcome

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Hellow World! My name is Shubhank Saxena. I am a sophomore from Thapar University, India. I am an open source contributor and have an expertise in the field of technical writing. I am interested to contribute in OpenMRS under Google Summer of Docs (GSoD). Looking forward for the same! Cheers!

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Welcome to the community kindly have a look at this to get started.

welcome @shubhank19 to this community.