We Want You: New volunteer leadership roles available!

On behalf of the newly-forming OpenMRS Leadership Team, I’m pleased to help announce these exciting new opportunities for our volunteers to help us lead the OpenMRS community toward a new era of growth. Please review this topic and the different volunteer leadership roles presented here, and if you’re interested, contact the relevant person to discuss the roles more.

Remember, learning and building skills is a key value of our community, so we’re more interested in passion and interest than we are necessarily interested in your past training or experiences. In other words, if you feel strongly about taking on one of these roles to help OpenMRS, we definitely want to hear from you!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to share the list below with your friends in the community!


OpenMRS Inc. non-profit organization

:arrow_right: Send a direct message to Terry Cullen if interested in the role below.

Business Development Officer

OpenMRS Inc. is seeking volunteers who are interested in helping us develop a solid financial basis to meet its charitable mission. Potential fundraising opportunities need to be identified, developed and solidified. Fundraising is designed to enhance the ability of OpenMRS to meet our mission. Fundraising volunteers should bring experience in fundraising, including identifying and developing ongoing relationships with funders. In addition, OpenMRS Inc. would like to develop ways to allow individuals to donate directly to specific community open source projects through the web.

This volunteer will work in collaboration with the Executive Director of OpenMRS Inc., as well as with guidance from the OpenMRS Leadership Team which provides resource prioritization requests on behalf of the community.

Skills desired:

  • Experience with fundraising
  • Knowledge of software used for fundraising (e.g., Salesforce)
  • Previous experience with a crowd sourcing fundraising event (e.g., Kickstarter)

Customer Success

:arrow_right: Send a direct message to Jan Flowers if interested in any of the roles below.

Coordinator, External Partnerships

OpenMRS is seeking volunteers who are interested in helping us establish partnerships with external groups. Potential partners can represent varied groups, e.g., academics, industry, or start up groups. Partnerships are designed to enhance the ability of OpenMRS to meet our mission. Partners should bring expertise in open source HIT or software or other needed skills to the OpenMRS community.

Skills desired:

  • Previous experience creating partnerships
  • Ability to work effectively with outside organizations

Lead Software Engineer, Customer Success

This volunteer will be responsible for development of a distribution evaluation system for community members to judge quality and appropriateness of OpenMRS software products for use in their context.

Software Architect, Customer Success

This volunteer will review new and innovative technologies and approaches leveraged by OpenMRS distributions, and determine how to best to integrate the most promising and useful features into the OpenMRS Platform and Reference Application, as well as share lessons learned and best practices.

Account Manager, OpenMRS Service Providers

Volunteers will help in contacting and involving service providers, creating documentation and promotional material, and any other task required. They will work closely with the director of service provider strategy to engage, promote and communicate with identified and potential OpenMRS service providers.

Skills desired:

  • Worked in organizations implementing health or health IT services

Manager, Communication & Marketing

This volunteer role is responsible for organizing and presenting information about our community and our software products to external parties interested in learning more. This person will help support the external communication strategies by creating content for the general public, customers, and other interested parties. They will leverage the OpenMRS communication schedule to ensure regular communication, and they will be encouraged to recruit volunteers to assist with this work. The person in this role will create whitepapers, brochures, newsletters, and ongoing content for OpenMRS.org web presence and social media.

Skills desired:

  • experience with open source communities is helpful
  • experience with communication and marketing venues, including external media
  • strong oral and written communication skills & creativity

Community Management

:arrow_right: Send a direct message to Michael Downey if interested in any of the roles below.

Coordinator, Community Metrics & Measurement

OpenMRS is seeking volunteers who are interested in helping us develop and sustain a measure and evaluation program for OpenMRS. Initially, we will be developing the framework for a M&E plan and then we will implement, sustain and update the plan as needed. Our goal is to assess the impact of OpenMRS on the many communities that are involved in OpenMRS, including developers, implementers, end-users, patients, communities, clinical teams and other stakeholders such as MOH.

Skills desired:

  • Previous development of an M&E plan
  • Data analyst experience
  • Statistical data evaluation
  • Previous evaluation of HIT impact on end users

Certification Lead, Education & Training

This volunteer leader will work closely with the senior manager of education programs to pilot & deploy our new OpenMRS certification programs around the world. Various certifications will be available for OpenMRS implementers, developers, as well as for training providers. The person in this role will help develop program policies & procedures, communication materials, and work with partners & service providers to set up the delivery of training online and in-person.

This is a very new program, so the person in this role should be very creative, willingness to work hard on ambiguous challenges, and have a passion for education & learning.

University Outreach Lead, Education & Training

As an academic spinoff program, OpenMRS has always worked in cooperation with universities. This new role will work in coordination with the senior manager of education programs to build new relationships with universities around the world, as faculty work to integrate OpenMRS in their curriculum. The person in this role will also assist in development of a standardized training curriculum that can be used in university courses. Finally, this role will also help standardize and simplify the process for university faculty to work in coordination with OpenMRS for student coursework or research.

The person in this role should be familiar with higher education programs, as well as be comfortable communicating in both written and spoken English with people from around the world.

Google Code-in Lead, Education & Training

Pre-university students ages 13 to 17 take part in Google Code-in, a contest introducing young minds to the world of open source. With a wide variety of bite-sized tasks, it’s easy for beginners to jump in and get started no matter what skills you have.

The organization admin for Google Code-in prepares and submits the application to participate on behalf of OpenMRS. They are also responsible for coordinating communication and mentors before, during, and after the contest. Due to Google’s requirements, you must be over age 18 for this role, or over age 13 with parental permission.

Manager, OpenMRS Global Events

This volunteer leadership role is responsible for the overall planning and operation of OpenMRS Community “in person” events throughout the world. There are currently 3 types of these meetings: (a) OpenMRS Worldwide Summit annual gathering in Singapore, (b) the OpenMRS Camp leadership retreat in the USA, and © the OpenMRS Implementers Meeting franchise. Worldwide Summit and OpenMRS Camp are the 2 events funded by OpenMRS Inc. and coordinated directly by the community. Implementers Meetings are hosted and mostly planned by an OpenMRS implementer.

This role involves working with the community to ensure that our various events meet its needs. It also requires coordinating with other OpenMRS leaders to organize the annual leadership retreat and its content, as well as supporting implementers who wish to host Implementers Meetings. This leader will be encouraged to recruit & maintain several volunteers to assist them, particularly in planning Worldwide Summit. or more volunteers to assist with this work. The person in this leadership role will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Coordinator of the OpenMRS global events team members
  • Conference Chair, OpenMRS Worldwide Summit (overall coordination of the event)
  • Coordinator, OpenMRS Camp leadership retreat
  • OpenMRS Community Liaison, Global Implementers Meetings

Program Chair, Worldwide Summit

The Program Chair of the OpenMRS Worldwide Summit is responsible for technical content development for the community’s annual gathering of contributors. This role involves working and coordinating with the various members of the Worldwide Summit team as well as the Manager of OpenMRS Global Events. In addition, the volunteer in this role is responsible for ensuring the relevance & value of the technical content presented at Summit and that its sessions are meeting the needs of attendees.

The volunteer leader in this role should have excellent communication, time management, & project management skills. They should also have deep familiarity with the OpenMRS Community, its contributors, its goals, as well as an understanding of general technology and Health IT trends.

Logistics Lead, Worldwide Summit

The Logistics Lead is responsible for operations of the OpenMRS Worldwide Summit annual community gathering. This role serves as the event’s executive producer, vendor manager, and operations coordinator. They will work far in advance to coordinate venues, transportation & accommodation providers, supplies, services, and event vendors.

The primary goal of this volunteer leader is pulling off an event that is “seamless” from the perspective of attendees. They should be highly organized and be willing to be assertive to ensure deadlines and target dates are consistently met.

Media Lead, Worldwide Summit

The OpenMRS Worldwide Summit Media Lead is a volunteer leader responsible for communicating before, during, and after our community’s annual global gathering. They will handle publicity of the event with 3rd parties such as press and partner organizations, respond to sponsorship inquiries, as well as prepare and distribute information for potential and registered attendees. During the event, they will monitor for attendee feedback and work with the Global Events team members to respond to issues. After the event, they will follow up with attendees to solicit feedback to improve the event.

This person should have strong experience managing social media. They must have excellent communication skills and exceptional patience, as well as be very familiar with the goals and work of the OpenMRS Community generally.

Special Events Lead, Worldwide Summit

In addition to technical content, the OpenMRS Worldwide Summit is a unique opportunity for community members to come together and spend time with each other. The Special Events Lead will be responsible for planning and coordinating all optional “after hours” events as well as events before or after the Summit. These events may be networking opportunities, additional chances for learning, or just plain fun.

The person in this role should have some experience with event planning and a strong attention to detail. It’s also helpful if they are familiar with tourism, travel, and particularly with things to do in and around Singapore.

Manager of Communication Systems, OpenMRS.org

This technology-focused volunteer role is responsible for the care, maintenance, and improvement of the tools the OpenMRS community uses to communicate with itself to the world. This role involves thinking about the organization and presentation of information about our community and our software products, and then planning related improvements to our tools. They will be encouraged to recruit one or more volunteers to assist with this work. The person in this role will be responsible for the following supported systems:

  • OpenMRS.org
  • Atlassian Confluence wiki software
  • OpenMRS Talk (Discourse)
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Real-Time Support Manager, OpenMRS.org

This volunteer will lead the design, operation, and management of our community support tools and systems. They will also lead & coordinate our on-call IT support volunteer team that provides 24x7 emergency support to our community. In addition to optimizing the software tools used, this person will be encourage to recruit one or more volunteers to assist with providing support to community members. The software the person in this role will be responsible for includes:

  • OpenMRS.org Community Help Desk
  • On-call support tools (monitoring and alerting systems) and processes
  • Real-Time Chat (IRC)
  • Ask OpenMRS Q&A section

Product Development / Software Engineering

:arrow_right: Send a direct message to Darius Jazayeri if interested in any of the roles below.

Documentation Manager

This volunteer will work closely with the developers to ensure that appropriate documentation is developed and distributed to appropriate users. Documentation needs occur throughout the software development lifecycle, including user, deployment and support documents.

Technical Project Manager

A technical PM balances the requirements of a product owner and the technical process and team to fulfill those requirements. He or she must oversee and communicate project status, facilitate prioritization of the latest set of technical issues, identify the root of technical issues, employ mitigation strategies for technical risks, pull devs out of a tempting rabbit-holes.

A technical PM must have technical expertise (able to handle complex technical development concepts and design techniques, understand different programming languages, have good knowledge of software architecture, and experienced in troubleshooting software), management skills (communication skills, manage project requirements and resources, delegate responsibilities), and leadership skills (lead and inspire others, identify strengths & weakness of team members, handle complex & sensitive issues, match tasks with opportunities).

Business Analyst

A business analyst works closely with developers, product owners, project managers, and technical leads to define and plan work to be done, elicit and organize requirements, and translate those requirements into discrete, actionable descriptions of work.

A business analyst must be have excellent written and verbal communication and strong organizational skills. He or she must have sufficient technical knowledge to understand the workflow, architecture, design and functional requirements of the software being developed. He or she should have experience with gathering, reviewing, organizing, and effectively communicating requirements.

A lead business analyst must have strong leadership skills, capable of overseeing and motivating a group of business analysts (lead and inspire others, identify strengths & weaknesses of team members, handle complex & sensitive issues, and match tasks with opportunities).

QA Engineer

Software quality assurance (SQA) volunteer monitors the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure quality. SQA encompasses the entire software development process, which includes processes such as requirements definition, software design, coding, source code control, code reviews, software configuration management, testing, release management, and product integration.

Graphic Designer, OpenMRS.org

OpenMRS is seeking volunteers who are interested in helping us to improve our communication material as well as our use of graphics for internal and external collaborators. Potential graphic design opportunities include our annual report, our quarterly updates to the Board of Directors as well as the community, and fundraising communications. Graphic Design volunteers should bring experience in developing graphic designs for reports as well as external communication. In addition, OpenMRS would like to develop ways to facilitate engagement of the community using multiple venues. These venues would benefit from having appropriate graphic design software experience.

Skills desired:

  • Experience with graphic design
  • Knowledge of and access to graphic design software
  • Previous experience with development of annual reports and/ or other communication modalities that incorporate graphic designs