Thank You: Volunteer for Quality Assurance

Continuing the discussion from Getting to specific QA improvement tasks:

Hi @k_joseph. I assist with project management for the OpenMRS Community and wanted to say thank you for reaching out about opportunities to volunteer and help lead the OpenMRS community into the future!

It is my understanding from talking with @burke that you have an interest in doing Quality Assurance.

Does this sound right? What are the next steps you are working towards? Is there anything myself or others can do to help you?

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That’s right @jthomas, i have actually already started to read stuff around QA and will be reaching out to you, @burke and @terry when i need extra support, otherwise for now any resources you have around this would get me much faster aboard. I hope to start giving consistent time per week for this starting next week


@pascal has been doing a lot of quality assurance work for the Mozambique project. It might be good to talk to him about the QA work he has instituted.


Our project just builds and runs the tests on CI after each commit (like openmrs-core). OpenMRS is also set up on Codacy, but I’m not sure if we measure test coverage for core. Some modules appear to be working on it (e.g. RESTWS-584).

Finally, I think OpenMRS is also set up with SonarQube, but I don’t know if that’s actually still up and running.