Thank You: Volunteer for Documentation Management/ Technical Writing

Hi @osg4openmrs. I assist with project management for the OpenMRS Community and wanted to say thank you for reaching out about opportunities to volunteer and help lead the OpenMRS community into the future!

It is my understanding from talking with @terry and @burke that you have an interest in doing Documentation Management/ Technical Writing.

Does this sound right? What are the next steps you are working towards? Is there anything myself or others can do to help you?


Hi, @osg4openmrs, thanks for your interests in doing documentation. We have a project that would need your help and please let me know if you are interested in helping for the month of July. Thanks in advance.


Hi @ayeung, yes, I am interested in helping out. Just reach out to me as soon as you’re ready.


Great, @osg4openmrs. Give me a few time slots that work for you and we can arrange a call to go through them. I am at Eastern Time Zone.

For our talk, I can schedule my time to be available between 21:00 WAT and 22:00 WAT (which is UTC+1), on Mondays, Wednesdays(apart from tomorrow), Fridays and Saturdays - I don’t exactly know what time that translate to for your time zone. Would this be okay with you?

Let’s do that next Monday (July 5th) at 21:00 WAT/4pm EDT. Thanks again, @osg4openmrs!

Alright, I’m in. Thanks. Just to add, this is my email:

. Please, can you send me a google invite for the meeting @ayeung? Thanks.