Thank You: Volunteers for Technical Project Management

Hi @maurya and @tomgriffin. I assist with project management for the OpenMRS Community and wanted to say thank you for reaching out about opportunities to volunteer and help lead the OpenMRS community into the future!

It is my understanding from talking with @terry and @burke that you both had an interest in doing Technical Project Management and were going to connect with each other to work on pulling Episodes of Care into the core.

Does this sound right? Have you been able to connect? What are the next steps you are working towards? Is there anything myself or others can do to help you?


Hi @jthomas :slight_smile: Thanks for checking in. I spoke with @maurya who has agreed to help get me up to speed on the innerworkings of the platform, etc…I’m eager to begin but at the same time brand new. I’m like a kid in a new school who can’t even find the lunchroom :slight_smile:

I have started reviewing what has been put together so far to support Episodes of Care and will provide you with an update on proposed next steps early next week.

Sound fair?


@maurya @tomgriffin , let us know what we can do to help.

Jamie, we also have a few other volunteers that we have spoken with who have expressed interest in helping the community. They include @k_joseph who is interested in working with us on QA @osg4openmrs- who is interested in documentation management/ tech writing

if anyone in the community is interested in these topics ( QA/Documentation management/ tech writing ) please let us know. We are excited to have ongoing interest and support in these areas. More to come! @terry


Hi @tomgriffin, have you taken a look at the getting started as a developer page?

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Hi @wyclif :slight_smile: I have gone through the docs and setup a virtualized OpenMRS environment. Next step is to get some hands-on time with the different areas of the user interface.

I wanted to introduce @laojohn to the community . He is from my home town, Tucson, so I met with him last week ( yes, the temperature WAS over 110). @laojohn comes to the OpenMRS community with a long history of working in software development/ large dB and has a commitment to making the world better ( and working on the platform). He has set up the current versions of the platform and the reference app. Hoping that this intro can help identify some potential ways that he can engage. thanks.

cc/ @wyclif @burke @surangak

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Welcome John! We’re very excited to have you, here is a list of introductory tickets that can help you get up to speed with OpenMRS development, feel free to let us know how we can help you.

(@wyclif, Tom is looking to work in a PM/BA/UX capacity, not as a dev)

@tomgriffin, I’m back from vacation, so I can catch up about the Episodes of Care, if you’d like to. (Though I presume the next conversation should just happen on a Design Forum, and/or on a Talk thread.)

Oh, sorry Wyclif, I missed that there was a new introduction in between. :slight_smile: