Sync2 Sprint Announcement for UgandaEMR

Following the discussions from Sync2.0 showcase and Next steps After Sync2.0 showcase, in this sprint, we will be focusing on implementing all feedbacks provided and to enable Sync2.0 module Synchronize with UgandaEMR.

Start Date: 19th/July/2019

End Date: 2nd/August/2019

Jira Board:

Github Repo:

Wiki Page:

Technical Lead: Stephen Senkomago Musoke @ssmusoke

Sprint Lead: Jonathan Ajal Odora @odorajonathan

Development Team

cc. @dkayiwa @cintiadr @jslawinski

@odorajonathan How can we add more issues to the Sprint Board, as I have found a couple while elaborating on the existing issues

@ssmusoke Are they ready for work though? I can send them from backlog to the current sprint

@odorajonathan okay will notify you when they are ready for work

@odorajonathan , did you take a closer look at

Note this ,

       We will schedule and publicize Sprint topics ~4 weeks in advance
this will give developers at other organizations a chance to organize their time to participate
  • And here
    note this

      ## Sprint Kickoff Meeting
      A sprint kickoff meeting is best practice in hosting a sprint. The goal is to get everyone on the same page in terms of background & objectives, answer any questions, and get people motivated to participate. Ideally, you give people at least a few days notice of when & where the kickoff meeting will take place. It can be on [IRC](, in [Telegram](, in [Uberconference](, in a Google Hangout, on Skype, or whatever works for you. 
      * Announce the kickoff time & place (ideally at least a couple days beforehand) either in your sprint announcement on Talk or in a reply to that post.
      * Start the kickoff by giving some background. Why are you having the sprint? Review technology or terminology that may not be familiar.
      * Review the objective(s) of the sprint.
      * Make sure people know where to find tickets and how to claim one.
      * Make plans for any daily standups or other forms of communication during the sprint.
      * Let people know where to go with any questions.

,What am saying , are you sure all the team members know exactly what this is about ??

You simply just added team members and started the sprint. Am not sure every one knows what this is about.

You need to organise a kick of meeting for the team members with the sprint technical lead, to prepare team members for the work, so that they can know about the background and objective of this whole thing.

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True…I might be interested to participate too

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OK! So are you suggesting that the sprint get closed so that we can have a sprint kickoff meeting to get the general background of the whole matter?

cc @dkayiwa @ssmusoke

you may not have to close the sprint , but the issue is most of the people you added as team members may have no idea of what this is all about. you need to have a meeting/call where they will informed of the background of this and the objectives. Some people dont even know what the sync2 module does.

so first organise a meeting to have every one onboard.

Personally i have an idea about the sync2 module but have not yet had a practical encounter with it. So to get every one on the same pace , Organise a call , for your dev team ,with the technical lead .

Right, I think @ssmusoke would be willing to give us his convenient time so we can have a call in relation to @mozzy’s suggestion and a general background away from Sync2.0 showcase and Next steps after Sync2.0 showcase. How about that?

ya this is to help all team members get at the same level , and and get them prepared for the work. Otherwise , some of the members may completely have no idea about what this is about.

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@odorajonathan have you seen that ??

Can we meet on Monday at 3pm EAT, to walk through what Sync2 does and expectations … How is that?

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Thats ok @ssmusoke, it will will be great if all the team members attend. i brought this up because , some people were inboxing me and they completely had no idea about the Sync2 module. So a simple demo would be of great use.

@odorajonathan can you announce the time for this call on talk and ping all your dev team members??

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Okay noted, if Monday does not work as very short notice, then we can have it on Tuesday - I will create time to move this forward

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It would also be great if you specified the exact time and dates so that I can be able to make a reliable talk announcement for the meeting so devs can be able to attend without fail :wink:

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@odorajonathan I had specified the day and time, if Monday is too short notice, we can have it on Tuesday

Then I’ll announce it for this Tuesday at 3pm EAT because Monday is indeed short notice

@odorajonathan works for me, please also add a Calendar invite so that we are all kept honest :slight_smile:

Why move it to Tuesday? Did any of the attendees say that they cannot make it on Monday at that time?

Well Monday could work, we set it at that so we may all have attendance without fail. So do you suggest we live it on Monday