Next Steps After Sync 2.0 Showcase: Where are we now?

A filter of the collective Sync2 issues is at

@odorajonathan do you think that you can lead a sprint about doing these tickets?

Yes @dkayiwa, I can lead this sprint.

@odorajonathan when do you plan to get started?

Would having it begin next week starting monday be a problem, I guess that would make it easier to keep track. And it also seems jira is still down, I can’t access the Sync2 issues filter on Jira

A sprint does not have to start on a Monday to keep track of it. :slight_smile:

Jira is getting back shortly.

OK! The sprint can begin when Jira is fully functional.

Now that Jira is back, can you get started?


@ssmusoke do you have the time to serve as the product owner for this work? This will involve responses to requests for clarifications on the tickets in a timely manner, testing the work done to confirm that the reported problems are fixed, attending sprint meetings, and any end user related activities for these tickets.

@dkayiwa Yes I would be happy to pay the role to drive these changes ahead

@maciej Can we somehow support this fantastic community effort? Thank you in advance!

@jslawinski Oh yes, do join in the fun - I will create tickets almost as fast as they can be closed :slight_smile:

The good thing is that I have a use case ready to test upon although unfortunately I cannot share the datasets until I complete the sanitization process

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@ssmusoke If you ever need any organizational help (or for other “soft”, non-technical stuff) with this, let me know anytime, and I’ll try to help as much as I can.

Awesome! Do you get notifications from the JIRA tickets? For instance there is a question here:

The Sprint is ready although for now we have four members in the dev team. If anyone may like to join, please ping me so you may be added, thanks.

@odorajonathan You are still missing some steps at:

@jslawinski There are some pretty complex tickets where your help would be much appreciated such as

@odorajonathan @ssmusoke Would you mind if we (SolDevelo Social Impact) wrote about this sprint for UgandaEMR and great initiative on our social media, and maybe in the short blog post? We would like to use every occasion to show people how their volunteer work on the code can bring real change and this could be a great example. Especially because this project (Sync 2.0) is so close to us.

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@maciej, I had a similar thought! I know that you already did an initial blog post, so do you see this as a follow up post? We can also consider doing a start-to-end story for an upcoming OpenMRS News Update.


I could ask Digital Health if they would be interested in the follow-up blog post on their site, but I’m pretty sure they would be on board with this.