Sync2 UgandaEMR Sprint Kickoff meeting

Hi all,

We shall be having a scheduled meeting this Monday, 22nd July focusing on what we need to know and understand while working on the Sync2 sprint for UgandaEMR, we shall have an informed background of the requirements and:

  • Review the objective(s) of the sprint.

  • Make sure developers know where to find tickets and how to claim one.

  • Make plans for any daily standups or other forms of communication during the sprint.

The meeting is scheduled for 3-4pm EAT. Visit the openmrs calender for detail of the scheduled date. You can attend the conference via

Development Team

Any questions related to this can be shared on this talk post. CC @ssmusoke @dkayiwa @jslawinski


thanks @odorajonathan for leading this.

@odorajonathan thanks

Noted! @odorajonathan

@odorajonathan thanks I will attend in person.

@gcliff you seem like you want to do some work in there , :slightly_smiling_face:
, @odorajonathan dont you want to make use of @gcliff. Am sure he will be a good resource

i will like to be part of the team

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@odorajonathan thanks for that update, hope to attend

Hope to attend too @odorajonathan. Thanks for the lead.

For more background info on the Sync2 module and configuration, please refer to the resources listed on the sprint wiki page

@odorajonathan can you add details about the kick off meeting to the sprint wiki page? Here is an example:

Do not forget to update it with the kick off meeting recording as done here:

@odorajonathan also remember to send a reminder here on talk about the kick off meeting just around 10 - 15 minutes before it starts.

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Hi Everyone

What time is the meeting? And will there be a representative joining the PM call?

The meeting will be between 3 - 4 pm EAT. @odorajonathan being the sprint lead, will represent in the PM call.


Quick reminder to everyone that the kickoff meeting begins in 9mins

cc @tendomart @ssmusoke @dkayiwa @c.antwi

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Hi @odorajonathan, is it open to everyone?

Yes @lgilbert you may join too



@maciej FYI

Thanx comrades for the meeting. It has been enlightening indeed. unfortunately I got caught up and missed…let me try setting up locally and see how it goes…