Strategic Objective 3: Distributions

This topic will be used to work through the planning of the goals and tasks (including measures) for OpenMRS Community Objective #3: Actively encourage and support the development of additional OpenMRS Distributions, deriving and disseminating best practices and technologies from them.

The following leaders have agreed to work actively on this to prepare for presentation at the World Summit in December: @janflowers, @darius, @burke, @akanter, @pascal

All community members are invited to provide input and feedback, and if you’d like to actively participate in editing the objectives goals and tasks, contact @janflowers to be added to the document for editing.

( Link to doc: )


We will have our initial planning meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov 4. List your availability here if you want to join:

Looks like 4pm works best for everyone to join, unless we hear from @burke otherwise. Shall we join at ?


I want to be a part of this meeting and have filled out the doodle poll.

I am the last one in the poll and looking at the list 7PM EST seems to be working for everyone.

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I’d like to join as well, but today is crammed with too many things, including dinner plans. If you end up having the call at 7PM EST and I can get our dinner planed moved up, I will try to join before the call ends (but I’m a firm “maybe” at best).

FYI – from further discussions at the end of camp, I was told that, for the Platform objective, we should make two copies of the plan for the upcoming year: (1) a with-the-resource-we-have-now plan and a (2) assuming-we-get-the-resources-we-need plan. It might be worth considering the same here – i.e., if we think that we could do more with specific dedicated resources, then lay out a strategy for the year without those resources followed by a strategy for the year if we could get specific resources (and what those additional needed resources would be).

Other than that, one concern I’d have for our Distribution strategy would be how we would be to consider how we would handle dozens of distributions – i.e., where do people go with questions if they’re running a different distribution than others in the community, where do expectations/responsibilities of the distributor vs. community start & end, how does the community address upgrades (if at all), etc.

As for item #3 (“a best practice library”), I would favor an approach that was community sustainable. If we dream up an approach to sharing best practices that requires continued central maintenance, it would be more likely to fail. For example, making it clear & easy to “vote up” or centrally share links to real-world examples of best practices and anticipating some way of having those decay or even drop off over time if not updated would be better IMHO than creating some central repository we expect someone in the community to keep clean & updated.

We will meet today on at 4pm Seattle = 7pm Indianapolis

Other time zones here:

The call is starting now at

We had a successful call with @janflowers, @maurya, and @darius. You can find the notes in the google document

Mainly, we took a top-down view of trying to generate top-level goals based on Objective #3, to complement the bottom-up approach we got from the sticky note exercise at the camp. Jan will be combining these into a merged list of top-level goals.

Going forwards we will have twice-a-week ongoing calls.

The default option is Mondays and Thursdays (since Maurya can’t do Fridays). Alternately we could do Tuesdays and Friday mornings (Seattle time), if multiple people prefer it.

Please speak up if you have an opinion (especially if you want to participate and need the Tues+Fri option). Otherwise I will send out a doodle poll towards the end of today, for a Monday time.

Apologies for being late with the doodle poll for a Monday time.

Here’s a poll for both Monday and Thursday (though I will miss Thursday, since I’ll be at the BAA meeting).

Today’s call will be at 4pm PST = 7pm EST. See you at

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Hi folks! We now have a place to propose sessions for OMRS15 in Singapore, and would like each strategic objective group to present each objective in a short plenary session. Please take a moment to add a session idea for this strategic objective here (using the other sessions as a guide):

Thank you!

Hello Darius,

I will love to contribute to this objective.



Sure @michael, will do.

I think this group can also discuss about how the implementers/distributions can give their input into what gets into a release. Maybe the voting system can be used initially but something more can be done and this group will be the best group to discuss that in my opinion as @terry mentioned in this post:

@pascal, did you do this?

@akanter’s comments on today’s leadership call make me think we should do a more thorough update.

Next steps if you want to engage

Our next call will be Monday or Tuesday, and the poll is here:

Before that call, @janflowers will consolidate everything we’ve done so far into a more consistent structure.

Summary of where we are at so far

Objective #3: Actively encourage and support the development of OpenMRS Distributions, deriving and disseminating best practices and technologies from them

Top-level goals:

The OpenMRS Community will:

  1. …support a process to improve access to and usage of downstream OpenMRS distributions by community members and other organizations.
  2. …provide a distribution evaluation system for community members to measure quality and appropriateness for use in their context.
  3. …incorporate technologies and approaches from distributions into the Platform and Reference Application, and share lessons learned and best practices.
  4. …help Distributions produce good products by guiding them to engage with community processes, and leverage community knowledge.

There is more detail, including tasks and measures, in this document:

I’m going to wait until Jan has restructured this into a consistent framework before sharing it here on Talk.

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Hi @amiencha - You are welcome and encouraged to join us! Darius is setting up a doodle poll to set the time for our next call. It will most likely be Monday the 23rd or Tuesday the 24th. Keep watch here and join us at at that time.

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Yup, here:

Posted workplan and progress here on page that @jthomas and @terry created :


Thanks @janflowers, that looks great!