Help Wanted: OpenMRS strategic objectives for 2016

Recently, OpenMRS leaders worked together to identify and develop specific strategic objectives during the OpenMRS Camp leadership retreat. Participation by the OpenMRS Community is essential to the evaluation, development, and execution of these strategic objectives. We wanted to make this announcement to highlight the many opportunities that exist for your involvement and input.

We need you to help us answer the following questions:

  • Are these the right strategic objectives?
  • Do they include what the community wants and needs?
  • Should we modify these strategic objectives in any way?

We also need you to help us develop each of the objectives into tactical plans that include specific tasks and evaluation metrics. You can respond to any of the OpenMRS Talk topics listed below to offer suggestions or your assistance in helping create the plans. Your early involvement will help ensure that we are reflecting the needs and desires of our community!

Our 6 developed objectives include the following:

The teams working on each strategic objectives may be organizing real-time meetings to discuss them further. Check the above posts in OpenMRS Talk and the OpenMRS Calendar for meeting dates and times.

We appreciate your help to identify, define, and accomplish these objectives in 2016. We plan to present the current status of each objective at the OpenMRS Worldwide Summit this December in Singapore. Those presentations will provide an additional opportunity for community feedback for those not directly participating in the development of the strategic objectives.

We look forward to your collaboration. Thank you for contributing your ideas and insights!

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