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Clinical Decision Support (CDS) for OpenMRS: A path forward (4)
Technical Road Map (3)
Multiple Identifiers including Integration with FingerPrint Technologies (3)
Scaling Bahmni in multiple countries (7)
Implementers: How do we get what we need on the ground from the community? (3)
OpenMRS Management (Deployment, Update, Upgrade) Using Metadata Tools (3)
Interfacing with newcomers: the future of OpenMRS guides (3)
Involving Women in Tech and OpenMRS (3)
Presentation of Objective 3: Distributions (5)
Classroom session to install and try Bahmni (OpenMRS distro) (5)
The future of ID Dashboard (3)
Approach & planning for large scale Rollout of EMR (3)
As an implementer, what are your expectations from Bahmni? (3)
Monitoring Multiple OpenMRS Implementations (3)
OpenMRS Local Community Program (3)
Should We Encourage Forks that Backport Features? (3)
Cloud computing for OpenMRS data analysis (3)
Presentation of Objective 5: Service Providers (3)
Project Buendia: an OpenMRS deployment for humanitarian relief (3)
Presentation of Objective 4: Education and Training (3)
Presentation of Objective 2: Reference App Goals (4)
Presentation of Objective 1: Platform Goals (3)
Lessons learnt while deploying an EMR solution in rural India (3)
Bahmni EMR UI feature demo (3)
Presentation of Objective 6: Organizational Development (3)
Documentation: Choosing the right tool for the job (3)
Challenge of data retrieval and collection through mobile devices in offline mode (3)
About the OMRS15 Ideas category (3)