Season of Docs Announcement- GSoD 2021

Hi, I am excited to bring to your attention good news from Google Season of Docs. Due to our successful previous involvement in GSOD, openmrs again plans on applying as a mentoring organization.

We are looking forward to identifying project ideas and mentors. In case you have any ideas for projects, and/or would like to volunteer as a mentor , this is the time for you to shine.

Cover letter from Google:

We’re delighted to announce Season of Docs 2021!

In 2021 the Season of Docs program will continue to support better documentation in open source and provide opportunities for skilled technical writers to gain open source experience. In addition, building on what we’ve learned from the successful 2019 and 2021 projects, we’re expanding our focus to include learning about effective metrics for evaluating open source documentation.

What are the 2021 program changes?

Season of Docs 2021 will allow open source organizations to apply for a grant, based on their documentation needs. If selected, open source organizations will use their grant to hire a technical writer directly to complete their documentation project. Organizations will have up to six months to complete their documentation project. Keep reading for more information about the organization application or visit the Season of Docs site.

Technical writers interested in working with accepted open source organizations will be able to share their contact information via the Season of Docs GitHub repository, or submit proposals directly to the organizations, and will not need to submit a formal application through Season of Docs.

Participating organizations will help broaden our understanding of effective documentation practices and metrics in open source by submitting a final case study upon completion of the program. The project case study will outline the problem the documentation project was intended to solve, what metrics were used to judge the effectiveness of the documentation, and what the organization learned for the future. All the project case studies will be published on the Season of Docs site at the end of the program.

Organization Applications

Organization applications are now open! The deadline to apply is March 26, 2021 at 18:00 UTC.

To apply, first read the guidelines for creating an organization application on the Season of Docs website.

Take a look at the examples of project ideas, then create a project proposal based on your open source project’s actual documentation needs. Your goal is to attract technical writers to your organization, making them feel comfortable about approaching the organization and excited about what they can achieve.

Organizations can submit their applications here: Organization applications close on March 26 at 18:00 UTC.

Technical writers interested in participating in the 2021 Season of Docs should read our guide for technical writers on the Season of Docs website.

Please do tweet and blog about Season of Docs if you’d like to share the news. We want as many people to know about it as possible. We’ve provided logos that you can download and some example content on the press page.

If you have any questions about the program, please email us at

We’re looking forward to another productive year of the Season of Docs program!

With that great news, feel free to join our Documentation squad on Tuesday fortnightly. You can look out on our events calendar. We shall be delighted to have come on board.

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@gracebish, this is wonderful news! And since we’re considering our documentation goals for this year, what excellent timing!

As a first step, I’d love to hear ideas for documentation projects. Last year, we identified four projects: updated developer guidance, new volunteer guide, REST API documentation, FHIR API documentation, and documentation tools/processes.

What could we use help with this year?


@gracebish Thanks for bringing up the key change to GSoD at our PM meeting today. It really looks like Google is moving Season of Docs away from a mentorship model (like GSoC) to a grant model.

@gracebish, this changes some things about what we submit and how we engage technical writers. For past GSoC and GSoD, we would fill in an application that included links to target projects with basic information on our Wiki. This time, we’ll be the ones submitting the grant proposal - similar to what we have done for DIAL Catalytic Grants, Digital Square Notices, AWS Imagine Grant, etc.

I really like how the OCL for OpenMRS Squad and the Operations Team worked together on the Digital Square Notice E0 proposal (which was successful). The OCL for OpenMRS squad helped develop the project scope while the Operations Team helped flesh out the workplan and budget. Now the two will be working together to interview and select the fellows.

@gracebish, what do you think about having the Documentation Team help the community gather project ideas, identify the best project idea, and then help define the problem & project scope?


@jennifer Great idea.

Thanks so much @gracebish for calling this to the community’s attention - and thanks for also highlighting the focus on project success metrics, and the admin changes w.r.t. hiring of a technical writer. Interesting!

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