Documentation goals for 2021

As the year 2021 begins, the documentation team is thinking of new goals and strategies of improving our wiki and also helping squads fulfill their documentation needs. The goals for last year are clearly highlighted on the last section of the Trello board under the Documentation goals section

Following the meeting we had on 2021-02-02: Documentation Call, a few areas were highlighted as per the notes Etherpad. We are, however asking for more contributions, guidance and clarity from different squads; and if there is a specific area that we should focus on this year, it can be included as one of our goals.

Your contribution will be highly valued.

@ibacher, @suthagar23, @burke, @christine, @jennifer, @grace, @herbert24, @dev1, @dev2, @dev3, @dev4, @dev5

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Thanks for kicking this off, @gracebish!

Last year, we had five goals. For some, we met our initial milestone and are looking to maintain where we are now. Others are big enough that we can continue to chip away at them (if we want to). And we started to think about new ideas.

Here’s a summary of where we are with our goals and where we might go next:

  • Wiki: Our Wiki to have easy to find, up-to-date information for different audiences.

    We started implementing @marslan8530’s new IA. We’re adding new pages. This seems to be a work in progress.

  • Volunteer guide: Develop a suite of up-to-date volunteer guides

    @madhens is off to a great start - and now we need to consider how her guide works with our website and what new guides we might want to build out

  • Developer’s guide audit: Assure developer guides are up-to-date across sites

    @rainbow took on our new developer and installation guidance and put it to rights! Now we need to work on maintaining these new resources…

  • Support documentation into squads and the documentation cycle.

    Taking a cue from the QA Support Team’s efforts to integrate QA into our dev cycles, this is potentially a new goal for the Documentation Team.

If these give you any new ideas, please share them! If one of these ideas speaks to you, speak up! If you think one of these is urgent, let us know!


Hey there! You all have been doing a great job with the welcoming text encouraging people to use the new volunteer guide! I have been a bit swamped with teaching and getting ready to start a new position, but by March I should be able to come back to Documentation meetings, and to start helping with templates for squads and teams for their specific onboarding info!


@madhens, You are more than welcome. You were truly a blessing to us last year. We shall be glad to have you back.