Call for Ideas: DIAL Catalytic Grant: Round 3 (April 15 deadline)

DIAL has announced Round 3 of its Catalytic Grants. They will make up to 4 awards of $25,000 each.

Once again, they have three priority areas:

  1. Privacy and Security
  2. Improving User Experiences
  3. Dirty Jobs

More information here:

The deadline for submission is April 15, leaving us with less than three weeks to decide on an idea, then flesh out, review, and finalize the proposal.

Who has some ideas? What are they? I know there are a plethora out there. :slight_smile:

Some additional context to keep in mind as you think about this:

  • Our previous proposal did not get awarded. While we don’t know why we didn’t receive funding for this, one of our options is to re-vamp/expand this proposal to emphasize those aspects that could supports a migration path and the impact it will have for current implementations - particularly given our recent conversations about a new web application framework. We could also tweak our approach, for instance, we can propose something that builds capacity by offering stipends to X number of senior devs to work on this with more junior devs.

  • We are also in the process of developing our application for Google Season of Docs, so any ideas around improving our documentation are probably better aligned with that opportunity.


Better alignment with HIPAA and GDPR?

I like the idea of using some of our previous proposal, but aligning it more with our current vision of the 3.0 innovationing. So, for example, we may want to focus the dependency upgrade to be to support the ability for an easier migration path when we start on the larger OpenMRS improvements we want to make. I also think that we could highlight that we could offer some fellowships for the devs to work on these items, to help build the developer pipeline within our community. Thoughts from others?

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@k.joseph, I think you’re onto something! Though it’s hard to weave everything in and keep each paragraph to 500 characters.

@janflowers, when submitting the application, do you remember if it allows hyperlinks? That could be one way of providing them with more information using a couple of words. :wink:

Here’s the working draft - anyone is welcome to review, edit, and comment!

We heard back from DIAL about Round 3, and unfortunately, we were not successful:

Dear OpenMRS team,

Thank you once again for your proposal during this past round of the DIAL Open Source Center’s catalytic grant program. Unfortunately, we will be unable to fund your proposal during this specific round of funding.

Our review team was overwhelmed by the number of outstanding projects and proposals in this round, and has just finalized all of the grant offers that our budget permits for this round. While we wish we could provide resources for each and every submission, we regret we were not able to do for your specific application.

Please note, we hope to continue to offer these catalytic grants twice a year, so please stay tuned in the coming months for an upcoming announcement about the next round.

While we realize this news may be disappointing, we hope you will continue to stay involved with our growing community. Our small team has been hard at work planning activities in the coming year to include online discussions and educational opportunities, mentorship programs, in-person events, opportunities for collaboration and group learning, as well as grant funding and in-kind support.

If you have not yet done so, we encourage you to sign up to the OSC Forum at where we will be posting new developments, so you can stay informed of new programs as they are announced, and network with others doing similar work.

With gratitude,

Governance Advisory Board

DIAL Open Source Center