Rails Girls Summer of Code (RGSoC) 2018 - intro tasks


I’m excited to have been introduced to Bahmni on RGSoC 2018 edition.

I’d like to contribute to the project in my small, but meaningful ways. While I’ve been mostly writing Python scripts for quite a long time, Bahmni has presented an awesome opportunity for me to learn JavaScript, and eventually, React JS.

I’ve also set up and installed Bahmni, locally on my machine, using Bahmni Virtual Box

I’m grateful for some help to choose a beginner friendly task and guidance/advice to make my first contribution :grinning:

Thank You!


Hi @pgadige, thanks for reaching out!

@teleivo @darius, should we pick something from @arjun’s latest compiled list of tasks for @pgadige?


@mksd, that would be great, if @arjun or @pkanchankar has time to spec out the “MVP” version of one of their tickets in the next days.

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@darius, @arjun or @pkanchankar thanks for your help and please let me know if I can help in any way in creating these intro tickets. Please bear in mind that for RGSoC the application period is until end of February and the project is mostly UI focused (might include some backend work in Java).

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@pgadige welcome. Great to have you participate. Please do join IRC or SLACK

@teleivo is this part of RGSoC project that you posted?

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Hello I am Courage Angeh and interested in working on the RGSOC project for Bahmi. I have more than a year experience in Java - Spring and some months experience in Javascript-ReactJS. I reached out to the IRC channel and i was directed her. I have my system setup for OpenMRS how do i customize it for the Bahmi project and how do i go from there?

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Hello All,

I am Latha. I am an Outreachy aspirant. I was recently introduced to Outreachy.

I have gone through the project information list in the Outreachy website. Thank you so much for explaining it in much detail there. It was easy to get the significance of the feature. Any aspirant like me would be very glad to contribute to it.

As a part of the application process, we are required to make some initial contributions. I see that you’re already in the process of collecting it to help us. Please let us know to in the thread on how to make progress as you make them. Until then, I shall play around the Bahmni application to get a hold of it.

As I am new here, I am open to any suggestions.

Thanks a lot and good day all of you, Latha

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yes, this thread is for guidance on what intro tickets RGSoC applicants could work on to get to know Bahmni.

How can @pgadige join slack? Does she need to be invited?

Welcome @ang3h !

please follow https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/32604585/Setting+up+Bahmni+Dev+Environment to setup your bahmni development environment. We will try to create intro tickets in the meanwhile.

Hello everyone, I am Akshatha. My teammate Mounika and I are interested in working on the RGSoC project for Bahmni. We both have experience in web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScipt, Bootstrap, Angularjs, Django), and are currently learning Reactjs for Bahmni. We have also set up the Bahmni Virtual Box. We would love to make small contributions to the project, and to know the project better. Could you please share some beginner level issues that we could get started with ? Thanks !

Regards, Akshatha

hello @angshuonline! Thank you for the warm welcome. I’d love to join the community on Slack. May I know how to go about it since I’m afraid I haven’t come across any Slack invite on RGSoC’s project description page.

I’m already lurking out in the IRC at #bahmni :slight_smile:

@pgadige I sent you a direct message on IRC. But anyway just share your email address privately, either on IRC or here, so that I can invite you to Slack.

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@jwnasambu , @irenyak1 have you seen this ?

hello @mksd! Shared the email address privately, on IRC. Thank you!

Hello. I am an engineering student interested in working on Bahmini for RGSOC. My ultimate goal is to develop and help in developing products for the welfare of people. Hence I would like to contribute to Bahmini. Please let me know where I should start. I have already set up Bahmini using bahmini Virtual Box.:slight_smile:

Welcome everyone and apologies for the fact that we’re a bit behind in getting organized! This is our first year doing internship programs as Bahmni, though many of us have mentored elsewhere.

I have created a new post about applying for an internship through the various programs, and this includes a link to intro-sized tickets that people will continue to update.

Good luck, all, and we’re very excited that you’re here!

my email address: courageangeh■■■■■■■■■■ please could you invite me to the slack channel @mskd ??

please send the email in a private message to @mksd

RGSoC students! Please don’t PM me your email address on IRC on either channel #openmrs or #bahmni because they keep being obfuscated here on Discourse.


My teammate and I are very much excited to work on Bahmni! We have been working on JavaScript of recent and shall also be good with ReactJS soon. If you guys could help us get some beginner friendly tasks, it would be really great.

Looking for the earliest response. Thank you.