Applying for an internship? (RGSoC, GSoC, Outreachy, etc)

We’re excited that you’re here and interested in helping to advance the mission of building a top-quality Electronic Medical Record and Hospital Information System that targets resource-poor settings!

We are involved with multiple different internship programs, and the details of each is a bit different, so of course you should read your project’s specific instructions.

In general, you should:

  1. Introduce yourself at: Welcome! Please introduce yourself to the Bahmni community
  2. Learn about the community contribution process to Bahmni in our Development Team Reference Manual. I suggest you start with Getting Started as a Bahmni Community Developer: Cheat Sheet
  3. Set up a development environment and play around
  4. Make one or more code contributions to demonstrate your background and skills. You can pick a ticket from this list in our JIRA issue tracker.
    • You may want to to ask specific questions about the ticket. You could do that on this discussion forum (as a new thread in the #software:bahmni category) or on Slack (see the Communication Channels section of the Dev Team Reference Manual).
    • For general programming topics relevant to Bahmni and OpenMRS, see this helpful list of links.
    • In general you’ll want to claim a ticket for work, work on it, making some comments along the way, and finally send a GitHub pull request for review.
  5. You may also want to ask questions about the project itself. Look on the discussion forum for a topic like “Questions about $projectName” or “Design for $projectName”, and ask your questions there. If the topic doesn’t exist yet, create it.

Good luck!



Me and my mate applied for rgsoc and would like to involve in this project. We found it intresting

Can you please share us the intro tasks that we need to continue

May i know, how can i communicate with you

See the link in part of the original post ^^

Hello, I am Divya Baid, a Computer Science Engineering undergraduate from Jaipur. I have prior knowledge of Java, Javascript and AngularJS. I would like to participate in Outreachy through Bahmni. @darius, Can you please guide me with the first contribution.

Welcome @divyaa !

Take a look at the links in the original post in this thread. They talk about getting an environment set up, and choosing a bug/issue to work on.

Once you’ve done this, you can ask questions about the bug either on the Slack channel, or on this Talk forum.

Hey everyone!

I am Smarita Sharma and I am currently doing my undergraduate studies at Vellore Institute of Technology.

Why Open-Source and Bahmni:

I have been contributing to open source for the last 3 years. I started my journey with the Wikimedia Foundation and gradually got accustomed to the coding environment of an organization. Apart from solving some quick bugs, one of my contributions had been added to the official Wikipedia page which is used by millions of people every day. In the meantime, I also learned about Github and the different ways I could contribute to reaching out to a much larger community.

I have always wanted my contributions to help in the betterment of the people around me. In such a case what better way to help but contribute to a Github organization with a similar aim!

About me:

I am 20 years old and I am from India.I love coding and it is what I do most of the time :grinning: I have worked on a few projects and have also taken part in few hackathons as well.I have a good grasp of web development and AI.

Some of my projects include:

A research portal for my campus where all the teachers and students can submit their research papers.The aim of this project is to promote a free flow of knowledge using the power of the internet.

Created a Django web app which basically took in a product name and scraped the most recommended product details from E-commerce websites. I used web scraping techniques in python to fetch this info. The project used Django to link between the python backend and the UI.

Looking forward to working with the Bahmni Community as part of Outreachy :grinning:

For those students interested in working on one of the Bahmni projects for GSoC, please take note that the project scope has been updated for these projects:

And also to students interested in Outreachy, please note that we’ve updated the projects in the same way.

For those students that are interested in Outreachy as well as GSoC, please see this post from the Outreachy organizers:

This applies as Bahmni is participating in both Outreachy and GSoC (through OpenMRS).

And to those applying for Outreachy, please note that the deadline is coming up in a couple days. So, get your applications in!